Contest - Help me find something sweet to buy on Amazon

Discussion in 'General' started by YellowSubmarin3, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. So a few weeks ago, I went to to buy a new charger for my laptop. I found a cheap one and went to check out. When I got to payment options, it said I had $50 in gift card credit. I have no idea how it got there, I hadn't been on amazon in months, and I never had a gift card. Anyways, I bought the charger with the gift card -- it cost roughly 15 bucks.

    Now I have $34.25 left to spend there, and I have no idea what to get.

    I'm thinking about getting this: Black Clear Top Sharpstone Herb Grinder 4 piece: Everything Else

    But if anyone can provide me with any better ways of spending 34 bucks on that site, make a suggestion. It doesn't necessarily have to be weed related. If i pick your suggestion ill buy you something on there for 5 bucks.
  2. Wireless keyboard?
    See if you can find a one handed pipe?
    A BADASS lighter. (like a cool lightup one or something)
    A cannibis related book/how to manual.
  3. if you don't already have a grinder, get one hands down

    and i have a sharpstone myself, works great
  4. I do, but it's basic and bud is always getting stuck in the top so I kinda want a new one. But don't desperately need one.
  5. nah that's legitimate, the CPM is low enough for testing purposes as described

    the reviews are hilarious tho
  6. They are that is what confused me
  7. dealextreme has a lot of cool stuff to buy and it's all cheap.

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