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Discussion in 'General' started by vatoloco, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. I thought this idea would be great for grasscity since I notice other marijuana forums doing it. Here's my idea to make this place a little more lively.
    Let's have a contest! I want to here the best jokes that you blades have. The winner will recieve 5 NL#5 seeds and 10 seeds from the mostly Indica Strain I'm growing right now. 2nd place will get 10 beans off of the Indica. The contest ends on Valentine's Day and the winners will recieve their beans well before the 1st day of Spring.
    With myself included I will have five judges. One of them will be Superjoint (if he accepts this offer) because this is his place. Another judge will be ICE_COLD. I will need a couple more judges so pm me if you're interested...1st come 1st serve. Please, only one entry per person. What other people say about your joke shouldn't swerve a judge's vote. I won't take kindly to plagiarism. In laymen's terms...if you copy someone's joke, I heard it before, or read it somewhere before...points will be taken off! So be original!
    After we pick the winners...for security reasons don't give me the address that you're growing/living at. I can mail them to where you're growing but for both of our sakes and safety please give me the address of a friend or relative! Good Luck!

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  2. Cool, thanks for the support! Can you do me a favor though (or a moderator) and put this in the General Forum for me? I'm lazy and my eye lids are getting heavy. Much appreciated and thanks again!
  3. How do you get a one-legged clown to stop laughing?

    You hit him in the face with an axe!

  4. Original eh?

    This could take some time.

    I'll be back. Your not really bastards. I got this Swarzenegger thing.............ah, nevermind!
  5. Ok I don't come out much but when I seen some of these jokes well I had to tell you guys one to. Same line of joke unoit did.

    What do women and screen doors have in common

    The more you Bang'em the looser they get.

    Don't be offened kids these are just jokes. I can't wait to hear some Male jokes.
  6. What have women and Kentucky fried chicken got in common?

    Take away the legs and the breast and you're left with a smelly box to throw your bone in!

    (sorry girls!)
  7. What do you call an anorexic with a yeast infection??

    A quarterpounder with cheese!
  8. Two elderly couples are playing bridge, and at one point the wives go into the kitchen. One of the gentlemen says, "Last night we went to a really fantastic restraurant. I highly recommend it.
    "Whats the name of it?" the other asks.
    The first thinks for a while and finally says, "Hey, what's the name of that flower? You know, it's red and has thorns on its stem."
    "You mean a rose?"
    "Yeah, that's it." He turns toward the kitchen and yells, "Rose, what's the name of that resaurant we went to last night?"

    =) ick
  9. One for the ladies.

    Man says to God: "God, why did you make woman so beautiful?"

    God says: "So you would love her."

    "But God," the man says, "why did you
    make her so dumb?"

    God says: "So she would love you."
  10. What do you say to a women with two black eyes.....

    Nothing you already told her twice.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaahaha

  11. I think the copyright on that joke was the mid-' Ok here's the deal. Not a single person has PMed me to be a judge for the contest. Since SuperJoint is giving up his spot as a judge there's 3 spots left! Lemme know if you want to judge the jokes!

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  12. did I win yet?
  13. I've let this simmer a couple of days to see what the competition was like.

    What's the best part of marriage?

    You get to have sex EVERY night.
  14. Here's my entry...

    The prime minister of england, Tony Blair, goes on a tour of a hospital. Anyway he's walking around and he sees a man in a ward masturbating like hell. He asks the doctor- "what's wrong with him?"
    the reply : "well he has a problem that if he doesn't masturbate at least six times a day his testicles will explode"
    so anyway they go looking round a little more, again there is a man masturbating even more than the first
    "What's wrong with him- same problem"
    "yes only worse- for him it's fifteen times a day"

    so anyways they walk to a private room with a patient with a load of blonde nurses jerking him off.
    "What's wrong with him?"
    The reply was:

    "Same problem sir- only he's on BUPA"

    if you're not from england you probably won't get it too easy but hey....
  15. i get it and im irish.
  16. care to explain for those not in that area?
  17. 2 nuns are put in charge of painting a room thats being redecorated in the nunery. They get everything set up and when they're about to start painting the older nun says, "we should take off our clothes so we dont get paint on our habits, we dont want the head nun mad at us." so they take off their clothes and paint in the nude. After a lil while theres a knock on the door and the nuns get really nervous. The older nun asks, "who is it". and the reply is "blind man". So the older nun says, we might as well let him in, he wont know that we're nude, he's blind". So they open the door. He walks in and looks them up and down then says, "Nice tits, where do u want these blinds?"

  18. how do you know you're at a gay picnic?.....all of the hot dogs taste like shit!!!
    why did the rooster run acroos the basketball court?...he heard the ref was blowin fouls...
    why do sumo wrestlers shave their legs? so people wont confuse them with lesbians..
    those are my best...i hope i win! :) -
  19. anyone know when this is gonna end? i wanna see who won
  20. First of all I'd like to say good jokes folks and thanks for participating. It was a very close call amongst all the judges but I like how the outcome turned out.
    1st place goes to DaWodin and 2nd place goes to IceCreamKidd.
    Send me a PM with where you'd like the beans to be sent. Congrats!

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