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contents of xtc pills

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by spazx, May 27, 2009.

  1. i had stars, i think white or pink i dont remember, and blue falcons, they had the f symbol, is there a site for e pills and their contents? what else did these pills contain if anything else? ive heard alot of stuff about e. i have a dt tommorrow and want to know the detection times,
  2. many many things.
    Other assorted drugs.
    Could be a whoel bunch of other fun shit in those pills.
    I believe it is between 2-4 days if you take 1 pill and dont drink more than a normal amout of water. Only one day, its safe to say your probably screwed.
    Unless you can chug like a beast lol

  3. No coke in pills.

    I had pink stars around here recently that were good, but speedy.
    There were pink and white jars.
  4. is the most comprehensive collection i've found online atleast for the u.s, but pills come and go and are made by different people so often there's really no way of knowing for certain unless you bought a test kit.
  5. Really?
    My friend told me the yellow dragonflys we got once had coke in them, but then again we didnt pop em, railed those little bastards on a tiolet paper dispenser in a bothroom.

    Yea im that awesome lol

    Best ive ever had were Green Playboys.
    Sweet Jesus.

  6. Nawww, it was probaly just a unknown stim, he thought was coke..
    Must be different pills all around the way over he ocean...

    LOL EDIT: Your name is misleading...LOL
  7. LOL my parents were english, so i used it, i live in cali ^_^ w00t
    i need to find out what that stim was, those pills great when railed:cool:

  8. Probaly just meth or Some sort of amphetamine.

    I like my pills kinda speedy...
  9. I like the extreme of both
    Green Playboys give me the nicest calm roll ever, i just want to roll around in the grass with the ladies, but give me some Red Nikes and imma be all over town, powerwalkin, and talking to every single person i meet, specially the ladies :rolleyes:

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