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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. blnkbois persistance in trying shrooms has somewhat spread to me really thinking about trying them....and i know questions of this nature get asked all the time, so, thinkin about getting somewhat stoned..and then eatin some that a good/bad/depends idea...or should i try shrooms alone for the first time..or what...i want a lil more insight from experience.
  2. I've done a hell of a lot of shrooms...Don't eat too much the day your planning on takin them...Take half 1/8 or a full 1/8 for your first time...I reccomend the full 1/8. Dont smoke your first time, just do the shrooms on an empty stomach and in about an hour you should be trippin like crazy. Make sure your not angry or sad when you take them because that'll set off a bad trip and bad trips are real real fucked up.
  3. try shrooms alone first, and then smoke some bud during the trip if you feel like it.. id recommend blazing just after the peak

    i thought you were quitting :D
  4. i havent smoked but once in a week and a i guess im just cutting back.... a depressed person by nature, heh, hard to tell, but i am..would that affect it..that was the main reason i wanted to get high and then trip...cuz my state of mind would be ...'high', for lack of a better
  5. I used to be really depressed, and I don't recommend taking shrooms when you're like that. It was the most terrifying thing that's ever happened to me. I don't actually remember.... but I know it was real scary.....

    I'm a lot happier now, and shrooms are real fun when you're happy.
  6. Yea just do the shroom the first time, take an 1/8 of them. Then after doing them a few times, during the hour it takes for the shrooms to kick in, smoke a few bowls.
  7. Does'nt matter whether you do or not. Just make sure to hide any chicken suits you have lying around.
  8. Yeah dude, I second the majority of the people in saying: take them sober, ,then after they kick in, smoke a bowl or so as you feel your first peak.
  9. the first time i did shrooms i was alone, shrooms take a long ass time to kick in, so to speed up the process smoke some weed. and i also suffer from clinical depression, the whole thing that people say don't be sad or anything is just a myth. i've seen sad people have a great trip and i've seen happy people have bad ones. whatever happens happens bro.
  10. Hehe I used to have real bad depression and was suicidal..I ended up in one adolescent psych ward for that and they said I was psychotic which was complete bullshit. Now I look back on it all and realize I was just a dumbass for all of that and that bein depressed it just too boring. I think thats why I should get medicinal marijuana, because it cured all of that and I can't eat/sleep without it! Anyways, That was when I took a break from the weed a few years ago....But if you take the shrooms and are depressed or are emotionally unstable then that is what usually triggers a bad trip..Here's my full on advice....

    1. Get all your drugs, food, drinks, music, supplies, etc..get everything that you will need for the whole night and bring it into your room. This way you'll be sure that nothing bad will happen...

    2. Make sure you put away all sharP objects or anything that you could kill yourself with, close your window if your in an apartment or two story house :)

    3. Take the shrooms and wait till they start to kick in before smoking anything..Which for me was around 30-60 minutes. Give the shrooms at least an hour and a half before smoking anything, you'll decide whether you wanna do it or not.

    4. Have fun, some people like reading but I've never read a book in my life...Well except when I was a lil kid. They got some cool websites you could go on while you were on them, i'll find you a link to one...I like music, TV was too hard to watch because the guy in the TV would keep coming out to the point where he was like 2 inches away from my head..Anyways, just have fun and be happy before you try them.
  11. thanks all for the input...any suggestions on how to do koolaid..or just eat them...or what?
  12. starve yourself for a while...try eating as little food as you can for the day and when you take them try eating them plain...You'll trip a lot harder and faster this way...If you decide to smoke then you get munchies and you'll enjoy the food a lot more.
  13. i dont really mind the taste that much.. i just pop, chew and swallow. they sort of taste like hay.. very bland. if you really hate the taste you though could try getting chocolate shrooms (chocolates which contain shrooms), or mix with food. putting them in a spicy sub, blending with fresh berries and ice, or just grinding and putting them in orange juice should work fairly well.. just try not to eat too much before the trip, as it will be a lot less intense and might make you throw up :(

    also, if you can stand to chew on them for a while, you will trip much sooner.. if you chew for long enough you could be tripping in 10 minutes!

  14. I don't mind the taste of them. But what I did one time was put all the shrooms in a little dish and pour some honey all over them. Mmmmmm!
  15. All i have to say is think happy thoughts. Just like the disney cartoon, Peter Pan. You can only fly on shroomz if you think happy thoughts. Its amazing how many lessons i've learned from disney.
  16. if i were you, making tea with shrooms is by far the way to go. Eating them is nasty shit. Boil an eight of shrooms in about 48 oz of water for about 2 hours... y ouc an add tea for flavor, then strain the shrooms out of the liquid and drink.. By far the way to go.. Enjoy

  17. heat kills psylocybin.

    'nuff said
  18. Mushroom Tea will still get you trippin' though
  19. I've heard lots of stories about people makin mushroom tea
  20. it wont give max potency though.. waste of shrooms imo

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