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Contemplating letting the ganja go...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GreenFever93, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, so last weekend I went to lollapalooza and had a fun, drug filled weekend. However, I kinda feel like I wanna turn my life around a little bit, get back in shape, and not depend on the ganj so much for things like sleeping, cure for boredom, etc. I'm not sure if i'll be able to do this if I keep all my weed shit though (vape, bowl, etc.).

    Should I keep my stuff (I'll moving to college this month, and i don't really wanna leave it at home), or should I sell it and only chief on occasion in social situations. This is tough because I've been smoking solidly for about 4 years now, and I think I wanna stop, but I'm not completely sure.

    I know that if I do get rid of it, I won't need to worry about the law anymore, and I stand a better chance at quitting, not to mention I'm not sure how my roommates feel about mary jane.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Keep all your belongings and don't plan on quitting till after college. Because you still got a lot more smoking your going to be doing. Not to mention drinking as well. Not trying to say you aren't capable of quitting because if you truly want to do it then just stop. But for real college is a crazy time and the amount of opportunities to smoke and hang out with new and different people will blow your mind, that said you got to figure out what matters more to you.
  3. Just go with the flow and see what happens.
  4. Will you be staying off campus or on campus? If off campus, you can continue smoking. If you have good will, marijuana wont negatively impact your academics.
  5. Do not get rid of your smoking tools.
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  7. Let it get for a while then. See how it feels. If you like where your life starts heading then keep with it, if it doesn't make a difference or you don't like not smoking the herb will always be there for you.
  8. definitely keeping a piece or two won't hurt.
  9. I had pretty much the same situation as you, although I didn't smoke quite as long. Going to college, didn't wanna depend on it, thought about getting rid of my stuff, etc etc, with the addition of one more you didn't mention, maybe isn't true for you: I just wasn't enjoying it as much anymore. It's fine for the occasional social occasion, but I didn't wanna smoke alone all the time.

    I was actually in the middle of this really intense high when I made the decision. I started delving waaaaaaaaaay deep into my mind, assessing my motivations for being a stoner, and my current feelings on it. I think being high helped me be more honest with myself about it, and helped dig into my psyche. Anyway, I kept all my weed and all my paraphernalia. Still have it in fact (minus the weed, which I gave to a friend as a birthday present a few months later).

    I too thought it might make it hard for me to quit, but I guess it depends on how committed you are. I'll admit, a month or two after I quit I smoked again on my own. The first time was really nice, but a week or two later when I did it again just wasn't fun. I fell into my old high habits that night, which convinced me to not fall into my old stoner habits the next day.

    After I quit, I did feel more motivated/energetic for about a week, then that kinda faded. I do think my life is better now that I'm now smoking regularly. I'm not blaming the ganj, I think for some people (most people in these forums), it's a positive, fun thing for them to do. It's just not for me, not for regular consumption.

    Which is why I'm leaving all my stuff at home when I go off to college. I'll smoke on occasion, if a j gets passed around at a party or whatever. But I don't wanna sit in my room, alone with my bong, or even with friends in my room with my bong. I just don't want it to be such a big part of my life.

    Not sure why you don't wanna leave your stuff at home, unless you're worried about your parents finding it. Again, depends on your level of commitment. If you're sure this is it for your smoking forever, or at least for a few years, I'd say sell it. If you wanted the occasional solo toke, you could always go with something homemade. But, if you think you'll go back to it, keep your stuff, at least for now. Even in your dorm, if you can.

    Sorry for the rambling. Hope it helps!

    sleeping, boredom and eating are things weed has made awesome for me, but now i feel like its avg and without weed its worse than avg.

    at the same time, this is prolly just before college anxiety. i think things will be alot more smooth than we expect and well end up wanting to smoke all the time and will be able to.
    idk tho imma jst go wit the flow as someone in this thread said.
  11. Don't try cold turkey. Start smoking less and less week after week until you are done. Think of it like walking down the stairs until you reach the bottom and can stop. Start exercising more as well and maybe only smoke during a specific time of day so that it can be isolated.
  12. I suggest taking a t-break, maybe until you get to college. Id keep your stuff, i think after even a week a t-break reminds me why i love the ganj so much.
  13. Smoke more and see if that helps
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    This. I felt the same way for a while so I just cut back to toking like once or twice a week taking the occasional break for a week. Got much higher, and made it more of a special event. Also saved alotta cash lol
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    Lol what's with this site?

    No offense I just never see this type of thread on icmag...

    You should do what you feel bro.

    What I'd do since I like the herb if I felt I was disrespecting a room mate I'd just hide my shit somewhere out in the woods. Pick a tree that you'll remember and bury it.

    My one buddy's old lady doesn't like him smoking so he hides his stash with a pipe under a rock near a park bench. Maybe try that?
    Lucky I don't have that problem.

    Good luck man. Peace!
  16. Take a week off dude, then see how you feel.
  17. Ive actually been using smoking with my exercize. I used to weigh 270(5'11) and about every day this summer ive been doing a bowl or trench(mflb) for each half hour in the gym. Im now around 254 and still at it.
  18. Short T-break and then decide, like above. Don't sell anything until you've decided.

    If you're an addict, I think you'd know it. I think it's hard to not know. But just sit back a little while and see how things feel.

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