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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by drifter106, Feb 2, 2014.

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    just found this site and enrolled...looking for advise.  I enrolled on another site and got my hand slapped...explained my situation and it involved prescription drugs.  Anyway, will set the scenario and see what happens.
    Just getting out of knee replacement surgery, prior to that found out I had a "massive irreparable torn rotor cuff" and will get my other knee done this summer.  I have been taking pain medicine for 3 years and since the knee thing have been taking (down to 1 a day now) pain medicine.  Will get another shot for the shoulder (steroid) this week.  The shoulder is what really is the problem.  Looking for an alternative for the pills.
    Last time I smoked cannabis was over 30 years ago and then I wasn't thinking about anything for pain.  Do any of you use it for pain relief?  Is it effective?  How frequently do you need to use it and how much is required for it to give relief?  Do you build up a "tolerance"?  I am starting to see that with my meds....
    I am well versed in the starting of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and such.  Avid gardener so growing would be new but not insurmountable...
    would love to hear from people who are in a similiar situation or could shed some light.  Know nothing about the different strains of cannabis but have watched some videos on how to grow it.

  2. I've heard that indica strains work best for pain relief.
  3. Marijuana can increase the effectiveness of pain meds and, in some cases, it allows for a reduction of dosage while providing better relief. I have little experience in that area, but many people here are very knowledgeable.
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    Cannabis is the best pain reliever I've had experience with in my life.  I think I'm 56 but may be having a senior moment this AM and could be off by a month.  There is a birthday around here somewhere but I'm not talking about which side of the madness I'm on in public or privet so don't ask.
    I don't smoke my medicine for pain, but some people do.  I like topical aka trans-dermal Cannabis preparations best my self, even for post operative pain.  How much medicine you need varies but if the medicine is well made it should take just enough to cover the area in pain and should start working in 5 to 10 minutes after it is rubbed on.  If you have to glop it on with a trowel it is not made right, keep shopping or mix it stronger if you are going to make your own.  Wax in the preparation interferes with absorption in my experience and requires higher concentrations of cannabinoids to be effective.
    Do not put it on or in an open wound!
    It is not pleasant and a possible source of contamination. 
    I treat pinched nerves in the back and arthritis.  For a while my MD was thinking I had fibromialgia but never made that diagnosis.  She did say Neuropathic pain regularly when she was trying all the other stuff in the pharmacy on me.  None of it was any good.
    Tolerance is upside down in this type of use.  When I started using cannabis for my daily pain I wanted it 4 times a day.  Regular use causes pain receptors to calm down, sit down, mellow out, and shut up.  Within a few months I was down to 3 times a day then two times and now most days once a day at bed time is all I need or want for my regular daily aches and pains.  It was a process not a miracle.
    New pain from injury wants more frequent treatment but follows the same course.  Interaction with the opioid receptor system is well studied and the interaction between the two is considered favorable in the research literature I've been able to find and read. Cannabis reduces tolerance to opiates and dose required for opiate based pain relief.  I build fast tolerance to opiates my self but find them helpful when combined with cannabis on the day of surgery and the first day post OP.  After that I prefer Cannabis and or other plant based cannabinoids alone for treatment of pain.
    If I had your shoulder besides the area of direct pain I would also treat the cervical spine from the area between the shoulder blades up well into the neck.  I treat my knees, front back and sides.
    Cannabinoids in the management of difficult to treat pain
    Role of the Cannabinoid System in Pain Control and Therapeutic Implications for the Management of Acute and Chronic Pain Episodes
    Modulation of neuropathic-pain-related behaviour by the spinal endocannabinoid/endovanilloid system
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  5. i have used cannabis for pain successfully for about 4 years now, with me seeing the most dramatic effect with a recent injury. long story short, ended up with broken scapula, coracoid process, few busted ribs, and probably a little misaligned as welll haha. they have me some pain killers, but they made my shit harder than a rock, and about as easy to push rocks out of you lol. indicas (and even some sativas will be excellent at pain relief, blue dream being the one that i have had the best experience with) will be your best bet. good luck, hope it halps your pain!
  6. how frequently do you use cannabis for your pain relief?  Have you found that your body has built a tolerance and that you need more?  Understand the pain killer and pooping....took me 3 weeks to have a bowel movement after knee surgery...was taking a lot of pain medicine every 4 hrs.......but then using  a laxative it final broke!  
    Like right now my shoulder is at a strong 4 or 5...gets worse at night.  never heard of the topical as Alchemist referred to...will have to look into that.
    thanks to everyone who has posted...learning much here..
    Youtube rick simpson oil..he has a very good video on youtube about it.
  8. Thanks for the post, I am new to all this. I recently learned this cannabis helps with my chronic back pain (5 back surgeries, 3 level fusion). Some days smoking gives me a good deal of relief and others not, like yesterday. Seems I have to smoke a small amount every couple hours to maintain pain relief. Still trying to figure out how much I need to use. Maybe I need a different strain for days like yesterday. Good luck to you, hope ya feel better.
    Talk to Sam.  There are lots of us in his thread.

  10. Where's Granny? Lol

    I would recommend getting a strain that's high in CBD's.

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    Marijuana as a pain killer wont completely kill the pain but make it much much more tolerable, also don't believe the "exponential increase of potency of pot" stories the news report, no strain of marijuana is going to kill pain or cause impairment the way an opiate will no matter how much cannabinoids your smoking so no worries on how affected you will be unless your planning to eat some weed infused edibles to which I suggest you youtube Cop calls police while high. Its a hilarious classic but shows what can happen if you dont have any tolerance and try to eat brownies. 
    It should take all of the first hit (inhale) of the marijuana for you to feel it, a nice bowl (pipe filled with marijuana) or joint will make you feel nice and relaxed with a good buzz that will achieve what your looking for. You'd use the marijuana as you would your pain meds to treat the pain throughout the day.
    You will build up a tolerance but as long as you are not excessively smoking and only using when you need to then it will be a slower tolerance build up then the opiates would be.
    Growing wise if your versed in botany in anyway you should be able to grow a weed without much hassle if any.
    One way to get some very potent affects from marijuana more so then smoking would be consuming weed infused edibles like brownies. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS  to you right away since you haven't smoked in 30 years, edibles will last longer and be more felt then if you would have inhaled.
  12. Thanks for the responses, 3 days now. No pills
  13. Hope you get better soon, here's a few more good resources of info to read up on. Haha preferably while medicating!

 (Beware of GW pharmaceuticals. They have patents for applications of cannabis such as a whole plant extract with relatively high CBD levels. But this is currently being accomplished by the people via breeding. Look up Charlotte's Web for more info.)
    I would definitely look into the topical and tincture advice from Honokiol. If long term use is planned, you may be well served to look into a vaporizer to enjoy "cleaner" medicating, by eliminating the combusted plant matter. As your tolerance goes up you may also wish to look into edibles, concentrates and (again) tinctures. Some like being able to increase the potency via consuming, rather than inhaling.
  14. pain relief here.
    RA/GI pains and neuropathy pain, may not 'kill' the pain all the time but it takes the edge off, lets me cope...sleep used to be very bad, then started using edibles before bed, can sleep a straight 4 hours easy.
    Helps coping with my conditions (24/7 pain/nausea for life, needed relief that wasn't a risky problem with side effects, like opiates and such).
    ... :smoking: :bongin: :smoke:
  15. thanks again to all who responded....I will say this...have been using it at night and have WONDERFUL success.   Last night i went to sleep without any.  Woke up during the night with back pain.  Have had so many nights with pain not waking me up....don't think last night was a false negative.  
    Am looking at a vaporizer...I think it might do a better job, utilize the material better and take away the combustion thing.  Have it narrowed to the MFLB and the solo.  Leaning solo....
    convection is best (hot air flows over the herb) vs conduction (herb is heated in a hot bowl)
    if you can save up, a volcano has repaid itself many times over in saving on my herb...and the herb you vaped (vapor poo) is activated for edibles or capsules...big savings over time.
    yep, 1 or even 10 people..volcano bags can be big or small.
    fill a bag only as much as you need to use, set the 'bowl' aside to use a few more times before refilling with fresh herb. save the used, the 'vapor poo' to make incredible edibles with.
    sativa dominate strains are reported to bring on anxiety in some people.
    lean towards indica dominate strains for pain relief effects and if a high induces some anxiety.
  19. Topical is a salve of sorts made from the plant and an adhesive oil. I used Coconut oil and used all natural soy wax to harden it into a 'lotion bar'. Works wonders on my Fibromyalgia and arthritic joint pain.
  20. Yea, it will help you get through pain. I tore my labrums in both shoulders and had work done on one of them. I didn't even touch the hydrocodone pills my doctor prescribed me.

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