Contemplating a small outdoor grow.... Lots of ?'s..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tokin & Stokin, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. 1.) Seeing as this is my first grow, i'm just going to use bagseed, incase i fuck up i won't lose much money. I would like to keep the plant(s) as small as possible to keep them hidden. If i get some bud out of it, it's going to be for personal use anyhow, so i'm not concerned about the yeild. So... Is there any way to keep my plants small?

    2.) I plan to germinate the seeds using the paper towel method... Would an altoids tin work well? I can get a ziplock easily, but i was just wondering...

    3.) Do you think this would work well??? Build Hydroponics

    4.) I'm most likely just going to plant them outside with some fertilizer and keep it very basic... except for the size of course...

    I am very new to the growing world and any help would be greatly appreciated... Or maybe some advice for someone in my position. This is all experimental..

  2. Im pretty sure its to late in the year to start an outdoor grow.Most people start in late april early may.
  3. It's way too late to start an outdoor crop. Hell, harvest season is nearly over for many of the plants started back in April or May.
  4. I see. But i would still like to know these things... And there's always next year..

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