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contaminated weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazngkong, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. usually guy was not around,so went to the next guy, this shit taste like plastic and smells of mouldy lemonade. Leaves a horrid aaftertaste.
    Loooks crystally to look at bit gets you nowhere being stone fells to dense and grinds up in clumps too.. anyone know whats up with this shit amd what its coontaminatwd with


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  2. Also the hairs onit seem to be clumped together.. there is a white residue not showing on pic

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    has a rare fungus called bogha-frois dràgon sùilibh also called the deadly rainbow dragon, makes you see a evil spirit in the form of a rainbow colored dragon if you smoke 12 liters of it
  4. that's that asshole Kush heard its bomb ass shit.. I think I smell some corn in that as well.
  5. Could just be some old bud.
  6. Get off the thread if ya havent a reply relating to the topic ya moron

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  7. you asked, i answered. honestly your weed doesnt look that bad but i cant tell
  8. I highly doubt it... the taste is too off. With weed skunkie smell or taste. Ya could smoke a jay in a room and it wouldbt snell

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  9. You really expect people to be able to tell you
    what's wrong with your weed from a picture?
  10. Picture doesnt do it any favours. Its the taste. Its like shit. And theres no stone. well feich all of a one.

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  11. No to see if they could see any contaminents.. and what possibly they could be

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    I don't see anything the strikes me as odd. It probably wasn't cured well or like someone said it may be old. I don't see any white residue...but it could be mold or seminal fluids.
    We'll never know. If you don't feel comfortable smoking it then toss it.

  13. Thanks for your reply. It feels to dense to be weed dense if get me like, something was added to it.... I suppose this is what we have to put up with in ireland with the laws... cant even enjoy a smoke

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  14. First, thanks for the nice pic. It's a good, big pic. The nugget that's in the pic looks okay. It looks like a good nugget, honestly. As far as denseness goes.... totally immaterial. Some bud is big and fluffy, some is dense as fuck. A lot of things can cause that, whether it's indoors or outdoors, and also the type of strain. Some strains are very dense, others not so much. So, let's throw out the dense factor. What we're left with is: smell, taste, and your high. You say it tastes like plastic and smells like moldy lemonade, and it gives you a shitty high.

    Plastic tasting could be due to someone having sprayed something on it, either on purpose or accidentally. Honestly, the plastic part is the only thing you've described that would make me concerned. The moldy lemonade taste could be due to actual mold in the bud, that's bad. It would also effect taste. I don't see the white residue that you describe, but that could be mold. Or honestly, the moldy lemonade could just be how that strain tastes. That's something you'll have to figure out; Does it taste like I'm smoking mold, or is the taste of the smoke moldy lemonade? If you think you're smoking mold, don't smoke it, that's bad. Lastly, the shitty high could be due to a shitty grow, or it could be a CBD strain, which is going to give you a shitty high.

    So you can see what a complex question this is for anyone who doesn't have the actual weed and hasn't smoked the actual weed. You'll have to figure it out, but it sounds like tossing it might be a good choice.


  15. You expect people to taste your bud over the internet?

  16. Maybe someone has harvested the trichs from that bud. I see the crystoliths but no trichs, or very few. Perhaps someone has sold you what was left after making QWISO?
  17. If it tastes like plastic and leaves a horrid after taste it probably wasn't flushed properly. You are smoking residual nutrients.

  18. Was just going to say maybe a terrible flush or none at all. Factor in the possibility of old bud or maybe even tossed on a shake table or used in some type of thc extraction....I mean we will never know for sure but I could see it happening.
  19. This is what happens when people get greedy instead of farming quality bud.
    I don't know how much of this you have, you may want to think about water curing it. I tried the method for some crap before.
    Google Water Curing, and Quick Water Curing. I'm confident it will remove the taste, and perhaps give you something more suitable for your taste.

  20. Thanks for your reply.

    I left in an a jar for the last 2 nights without touching it.
    Nugs seem to be getting sticker and crystals and becoming more apparent and a smell of niceness seems to be coming through all the bad shit. Smoked a joint and its deffinatly better.
    The fella I went to,he is selling on a huge scale. Its illigeal here.
    Im guessing he cut hes crop early and its still in the curing process I could be wrong.

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