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Contaminated Weed - Please Read

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Le Grenouille, Dec 18, 2006.


    This is to alert you of the apparently growing problem of contaminated weed; this started in France last year, and has swept through the UK, and now is starting to affect the US.

    Recent European contaminants have included:
    • Sand
    • Glass
    • Fibreglass
    • Brick dust
    • Metal swarf
    This is in response to the drought we have been experiencing here, which inevitably eventually reaches worldwide. It is done to increase weight, and get prices up.

    Sand, metal or glass particles, if inhaled, will stick to your lungs and cause you major problems. Fibreglass particles, if inhaled, will cause a respiratory condition similar to asbestos poisoning; this is often fatal.

    In 15 years of smoking, I have never encountered anything this sinsister, and the only way to stop it, is to boycott all the crap - ALL OF IT.

    It is up to you - ALL OF YOU - to keep yourselves and your fellow smoker safe. If we all boycott this filth, it will soon disappear. Spread the word, and be safe....
  2. Let the boycotting begin dewd! I hate these idiots ruining weed for a little bit more money, like they don't have enough of a mark-up off the plant anyways!
  3. I never understood why they do this. They take weed, pefectly good and smokable, and then fuck it up. Why? I can't see how this would get them more money, unless they are claiming it is crystalized THC. I've seen pics, though, and the grit didn't even look white, much less like THC.

    Sorry Euros, I hope this all blows over soon.
  4. Keep your eyes peeled, Sipe, it is now reacing America, too....... This is now a warning for smokers globally.
  5. fuck, i really hope it's not...

    who posted from the states about their "laced with crap" bud?
  6. I can't recall, it is in here somewhere.....

    Canada is clean, as far as I know......
  7. well, I'm still in the states right now. my "location" translates from french to "let's go to Canada" :D

    that's why i want to know who posted something about it so i can PM and get more info about exactly what it was and his general location so i can keep my eyes peeled.

    edit: in the southern US, weed tends to cross state and mexican borders... so you can see my concern
  8. Yes, I only just noticed it; I had a quick glance, and thought it said, 'somewhere in Canada'. I'm self-flagellating right now... :D

    It was albundy, and he didn't indicate where he was from. Lots of luck.....

  9. It sounds like the UK had a lot of weed busts in the recent past. Someone up the line owes money for a shipment that they are trying to make up with padding the weight of the remaining weed.

  10. Mexican weed probably won't be affected. It's cheap and schwaggy, so never commanded the prices that this dank is getting.
  11. bluewoods - That makes sense. Thank you.

    Just another reason for decriminalization.
  12. Yes, that is exactly the reason this is happening, but nothing to do with shipments; most weed is grown here now, and the raids were on growers. However, those busts are now over, so if we all steer clear of the bad gear, the good will bubble up again soon...bits arealready getting through.

    This is what bugs me the most; by removing the grower dealers, this is what is happening. The authorities need to accept they will never beat this problem, and all they have done (apart from nab a whole lot of soapbar off the streets; thanks for that :D) is made it hazardous. Also, while the focus was on the dope dealers, the market was absolutely flooded with not just H and crack, but also crystal meth, which was practically unheard of in the UK until now. We just didn't have a market for it.

    Clueless bastards.....:rolleyes:
  13. Our government was involved in the mexican weed being sprayed with paraquat back in the 70's. The mexican farmers immediately harvested it and shipped it right to the states.

    We say we care about our kids and we know they want to get high, so why do we cause a relatively harmless weed to destroy their lives (via laws and shit like this) when we could regulate it and at least make sure that what they manage to steal, deal, etc. is as safe as it can be?
  14. how dangerous is this sand contaminated bud?
    its all i can get over in the uk.. everyone has got it and sellinng it
    if i smoke maybe a 8th over the next 2 weeks.. is that ok?
    i know to stay clear but in a last resort

    also if i dust it all off before hand.. will it be better?
  15. this is common knowlege dude, sorry, there have been MULTIPLE posts about this
  16. Could you make hash out of it and get rid of the impurities? I have read that you can even get rid of mold by making bubble hash, but I am not sure if I believe that. Still, you could probably get rid of the solids. Are they using glue to make it stick?
  17. they said on the euro cia or w.e that it appears to be stuck on by glue or somehtign similar
  18. No. Just don't smoke it. See my original post. Don't forget, ground sand is virtually just ground glass.

    The glue is another new one on me, I don't doubt it at all. I also forgot, we have also seen some sprayed with sugar water; the 'taste test' for that one is easy enough, too.
  19. ill get some very detailed pics for you to see what sanded bud looks like.. hope that helps like le grenouille has helped me

    pics up in 5 mins
  20. [​IMG]

    there you go.. you can see the sand amongts the trichomes
    it is more green than that..just used the flash to show it better

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