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contaminated parafinalia.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420friendly, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. #1 420friendly, Feb 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 18, 2009
    For the past few years there has been contaminated weed (sprayed weed) and i am sick to death of all this gritty filth going about.

    Cannabis is a luxury of life and those who abuse her just to make a bit more money from the weight differences are just wankers.

    this is just another reason to legalize cannabis. :mad:

    TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK....................
  2. I totally agree, just another reason to legalize! I try to always get the purest but sometimes im forced to get that nasty shit! :(

  4. Yeah one of my old dealers started to spray his shit. I called him out on it and he denied it, so I got a another hook up. Just call the dealer out on it, if he denies call his bluff and don't buy from him, if he says yeah and that he won't do it again don't buy from him. Just don't support those fuckers.
  5. I think the law should be stricter (or legalize it of course) if dealers are caught selling sprayed weed, as it obviously is more harmful than normal weed.

  6. selling weed is a crime regardless... you really think a cop cares if some guy is spraying his weed?
  7. what do you mean, like they spray it with water to weigh it down, or chemicals and shit to make you sick?
  8. som'a you guys sound kinda not seasoned

    at all
  9. i suppose all police are wankers.:rolleyes:
  10. If you want chemical free bud, then grow your own for personal use. If your that pissed off about the govt, then why not just break the law an have a few plants?
  11. basically anything that can be concealed within the bud is used, glass fibres, wall paper paste, sand etc.
  12. i know but i live in england man and they are tough shit on weed. if you get found with plants then your fukd

    they use infared helicopters to see brighter houses and shit tooo risky.
  13. yeah, key word brighter houses. one or two lamps will not mark your house for doom dude. it probably looks like a tv or oven from their feed. the houses your talking about or have probably seen on tv are glowing like shit because they have dozens of plants & lamps
  14. Yeah England is probably the worst place to be right now if you're toking alot. Total bumfest in my opinion, they took the complete opposite direction a modern and developed country should take in regards to bud.

  15. true, however they can also check on you electricity usage and if you got bright lights and a big ass bill, then you got urself a problem.

  16. England is a horrible place to be for bud smokers at the moment,
    The choppers can pick up where the lights are positioned so if you
    only want around 5 plants then it would not look suspicious because
    (as previously mentioned) it could look like an oven, and they do check your
    electricity bill, the best method is buy a new kitchen apliance (Oven,microwave,dishwasher,wahing machine) and blame on that after the 5-0
    are banging on your door, and you have hidden your plants. :wave:
  17. they dont detect light lolol. its not infrared they use to detect grows either, its thermal imaging.
    easy easy way around this: grow with LED lights. for similar lumen output a LED setup will use only 60W as compared to 400W by a ballast light. not to mention the heat signature is eliminated.
  18. hmmmmm nevr thought of using LED lights to grow with are you sure the light output is the same as a a ballast bulb?
  19. Or you can bust into his house next time he picks up, throw his ash tray through his TV, take his stash, and kick the shit out of him.
  20. Look guys, I've posted this on a few diff threads so I'll leave it short, but you guys really overreact on the heat signature and electricity usage.

    I keep a snake room with 6 snakes in it year 'round. That means some form of lighting is on all day and nights along with heat mats, and in the winter a heater. It's climate controlled and peaks at about 90f midday. I guarantee it would stand out obvious from a heat signature camera. I also assure that there is notable energy use from it (although I have cut that down quite a bit by using diff techniques than I have in past years).

    My point is this:
    Telling the wrong people, selling from your house, and otherwise drawing attention to your residence are going to get you caught long before you need to worry about a heat signature or energy usage unless you're operating on such a grand scale that you can't help it.

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