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Containing Smell in my Room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Barkwood, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. My parents are conservative christians and really disprove of weed. They are comming over to my house for the night which is only two bedrooms and they will be sleeping across the hall from me. Every night before I go to bed I usually smoke a bowl, and I'd prefer it if they didn't know. If I put a towel under my door and smoke it will the smell be contained in my room?

    I don't really give a shit if my room smells as it does anyway but when i smoke with the door open the rest of the house smells too, and ive never tried doing it with the door shut.

    Dont tell me to man up, its my life not yours.

  2. Better go outside :/
  3. do it anyway. if your parents don't like it they can get out of your house. you're a big boy now.
  4. If you put a towel under the door you should be okay. Do you happen to have a window in your room? If so then your fine. If not , try and make a little sploof so that at least it won't smell like straight bud. Just use as many dryer sheets as possible
  5. Block off the door with a towel as you said, throw your window open and smoke by the window. Blow it directly outside. If you have a small fan to get some fresh air in the room that would be perfect.. Spray a little stuff after, Febreeze or whatever if you don't have better. Let it air out about 15 min. and you'll be fine. Set everything up before you smoke and you won't be so paranoid.
  6. You own a home but you don't know how to smoke out of an open window? C'mon man.
  7. Open a window in your room and throw a towel under the door.
  8. If you're that worried surely you can go one night without smoking...
  9. Go outside and smoke?
    Since it's your house there shouldn't have a problem going outside right?
  10. I found as a kid that best way was to smoke with the window open when its hot outside and the air conditioning is on(the cool air from the ac will push all the air in your room outside) then just spray something and your 100% good. Or simply walk outside and sit on the ground.
  11. I usually smoke at 1-2 in the mourning so id rather not go inside but i will if i have to.

    If I just smoke by an open but screened window and leave it open and smell some shit shud it be all good in the mourning?

    Will the smell even go to the rest of the house?

    Thanks for your replies
  12. Cover all the cracks in the door and maybe get a small fan to blow the smoke from the door or something. You should be fine just covering the door and there will be plenty of time for the smell to go away while they sleep
  13. go out for a late night toke cruise/munchy run, everyone's done this.
  14. i smoke in my room with the door closed and almost no smell escapes...if you had like a big party in your room and hot-boxed it with like 6 bowls, it would probably spread but a bowl or two (if you have carpet) will stay in your room and probably disperse by morning...
  15. If there is any type of breeze blowing in your window, your parents will probably smell it.

    You could cause a diversion. Start a small fire in your kitchen. When your parents are freaking out/trying to extinguish the fire/praying, run back into your room and toke.:smoke:
  16. Close the door, cover it with a towel, open the window (if you have one in your room), make a sploof with some dryer sheets, and spray a little air freshener afterwards. If even your room smells like weed after that, them I'd LOVE to be smokin the tree you're smokin.
  17. yeah i dont have carpet does that change anything?

  18. its rough trying to sleep without smoking when you're used to it. ive been dry for 3 days and havent had a good nights sleep since.
  19. Nah, you should still be good.
  20. Towel under the door, make sure its wet.

    And ozium ozium ozium is all i can say. Or febreeze and keep a window open.

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