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containers that aren't much more than and inch tall

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMIstoner, May 16, 2010.

  1. i want to hide weed under a vent type thing in my basement and its a little more than an inch tall maybe an inch and a half. I don't like putting it in plastic bags. oh by the way i want it to be able to hold like 7 grams or so (a quarter) thanks in advance for any advice. sorry if you cant think of anything, I cant either!!
  2. Film canisters are your friend.
  3. Yea film canisters or those pill canisters old people use and sort their drugs by day. Theyre like 7 inches long but no more than an inch in width and height. Deff something to try out
  4. How long is your space? Those little weekly pill containers (in pharmacies everywhere) are pretty flat.
    Seven days, seven grams:)
  5. oh dude thats perfect... thanks!!
  6. if u can get ur hands on one i would recomend a chewing tabaco ( or dipping ) tin
    its kinda like a small hockey puck.
  7. WTF i thought of it first hahaha
  8. altoid containers are pretty good for holding weed, you can hold like 4-5 grams per container if you grind your weed before putting it in

  9. Plus rep to the ninja:)
    I like the idea, too, because it does not scream "stash box"
  10. Pill bottles work really well and air tight
  11. i would recommend altoid containers and Carmax lip balm containers
  12. I use pill bottles. :)
  13. Go for a Space Case Slim Disc
  14. I use pill bottles for large amounts and chapstick tubes for when I'm carrying relatively small amounts (1 to 2 grams)

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