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  1. I have 2g of Bruce and Casey and having issues on concealing the smell. as you can see on the pic below it's already in an airtight container(plastic, lock & lock brand) but still smells when I put it(the airtight container) inside a closed box. Tried a used mason jar(I assume it's airtight even if used.) but still smells.The smell is not that strong when in the open but you get the point it can still be smelled.

  2. Get a tightvac. Problem solved.

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  3. Your contaminating the container. Put it in a zip lock Baggie, the container I mean. Then put it in a box to see if it still smells in an enclosed space. That do make stank proof bags, my dispensary hands them out with product purchase. They work fucking great!

    Your problem is definately contamination. One you come up with a procedure to keep the outside of the air tight container clean then it will stop smelling. You'll probably need to clean the stash area it sits in as well.
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  4. Sadly there are no tightvac here in the philippines.

    What do you mean by contamination? my hands were sticking outside thats why it still smells? I doubt it since I can smell it near the lid(assuming it is still leaking? but I believe my container is 100% airtight since it has a rubber on top of the lid)

    The buds are in a ziplock/airseal container and in a plastic. I also made another precaution by placing the ziplock/plastic in a prescription bottle pill like container, added teflon in to seal it in a way then put it in that lock & lock container in the screenshot. Somehow the smell reduce in my box but still it smells a little.
  5. It's not leaking. Like he said, you're doing it. When you touch the weed you get weed residue on your hands. Then you handle the container, and the residue from your hands is now all over the container. That's what's smelling. Of course you are going to smell it near the lid. Because where is your hand ALWAYS going to go to? THE LID. Unless you're opening/closing it with telepathic mind powers.
    Yes, residue can totally stink like that. You can doubt that all you'd like, but you'd be wrong. That's how drug dogs find pot most of the time, people pack the weed air tight but contaminate the package with their hands and residue. Look it up, or don't. I don't care. But that's the answer you're looking for. Why you'd think that glass and metal suddenly breaks the rules of physics and becomes porous and allows weed stink out, over you've got residue on your hands is beyond me. But that's the deal.
  6. I'll try to clean the outside of the container. Hopefully the smells goes away after that.

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