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  1. I have a 3ft wide by about a foot and a half deep stealthbox for growing. I am determining what kind of pots I can use. Originally I was going to use 2 five gallon buckets but now I am thinking of using the square pots to maximize the smaller grow space.
    So should I use 2 buckets or 3 of these
    Black Urban Garden Container w/ 25 Trellis : Sunshine Hydroponics, Tools to exercise your green thumb!
    or 4 of these
    7 in x 7 in White Square Pot [SKU7726] : Sunshine Hydroponics, Tools to exercise your green thumb!

    The box is only 3 feet tall and all plants will be LST'd.
  2. Anyone? P.S. it's only 32 inches in width, not 3 ft
  3. Your plants have to have a minimum of one gallon per month pf growth! I always use five gallon buckets filled with root organic soil and top the last 3 inches of with hydronton and thats good for 2 minths of Vegetive growth "which is way more than enough" and then i have a full 3 months of flowering cause it sometimes takes more than 9 weeks to fully properly fower! they work the best and they are easy to clean! No small crevises like square grow boxes! GOOD LUCK!:smoking:

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