container sizes! post 'em here and tell me why!

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  1. i've done enough reading to be familiar with all the various "rules of thumb" about container size and root volume in relation to yield, but i want to hear from the folks actually out there growing :wave: what size pot do you use? what's your average yield? any thoughts on container size and its role in growing the finest smoke? i want to know, so tell me people!
  2. im switching from 2.5 gallon pots to 5 gallon pots. that way, im hoping, i can grow half the plants and still harvest the same amount. i believe that a lamp will only produce between .5-1.5grams per watt. so believing that im going with less and bigger plants, which is a helluva lot less work and money. thats just my 2 cents
  3. 5 gallon Smart pots. 45 days veg from seed, and average 3.5-4 oz per plant.
  4. i started out with 18L pots cubical then i had 11l cylindrical then im down to some 5.5l cubical and they all yield the same around 3/4-1 oz per plant. now im just dialing in what pot size to use and how long a veg time to use my plants generaly end up 1-1.5 ft high. now im more leaning torwards a sog method rother than 6-8 larger plants.
  5. IMO 3 gallons. 1 gallons dry out to fast, and i have never had a root bound five gallon.
  6. many thanks for the input, guys! exactly what im looking for so far, container sizes and results/experiences :) reps all around!

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