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  1. I have 5 flowering (auto flowers at 4 weeks) and 6 that are going to go into flowering in a few days (non autos). The ones in vegge take water every 2 days. Should I move these to 5 gallon pots now? Will it make any difference with the exception of not having to water quite so often? Do the root balls grow 'much/alot' during the flowering stage?

  2. Short answer yes. How long have the photoperiod plants been in Veg? As a (very) rough rule of thumb Indicas will double in size/volume during flowering and Sativas will increase by 2.5 times. That is both above and below the soil line. If you are moving them to 5 gallon pots you will still wan to keep up the watering regime as the plants will still require it and as they grow they will require more.
    What strains are you growing?
  3. Oh damn now I feel like crap. Those auto flowers must be busting inside those pots.

    Northern lights auto flower and master kush. The kush has been vegging for almost 10 weeks. They are good and bushy, healthy looking. Going to flip them in a few days as soon as I get my equipment setup. See my grow journal in my sig! Thanks for the input bro.

  4. 10 weeks veg on a master kush, damn man that thing must be a beast. What sort of size is it? 5ft, 6ft?
    You will know if the autos are getting to tight by looking in the drainage holes. If you see roots its time to move!
  5. Look in my sig. They are bushy. I've been lst'ing them. They aren't anywhere near that tall. Should they be? :(
  6. Ok - i have just had a really quick look at your journal and you are doing really well man. They are not as tall as i thought but that is because you are LSTing. Those ladies are looking bushy as fuck!
    They will stretch a fair bit in flowering but i think you want to let them do that otherwise the bud sites will not have enough space to develop fully. I saw you mention in one of your posts that you were thinking of doing a scrog, that would be a great way to go in the future but obviously you cant do that now. Your cloning machine is nice so imo if i were you i would get a scrog setup for those clones, that means you wont need to LST and yet they will still be manageable.
  7. Agreed on the 'let them stretch now' part. I'm not holding them back anymore. I appreciate the kind words man.

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