Contained Carbon Filter

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kushman2020, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. ive been searching for about the past 45 minutes looking for a design on a small carbon filter, contained within a grow box, to no avail. if anyone knows the link of this thread, can you please direct me to it? i know it is a small unit, and it has no parts outside of the grow box.
  2. Hiya! I thought this might help, take a peek at the image below :hello:

    The 2nd result from that search will lead you to this thread.

    But coffeeandherpes, you proclaim, that filter is outside of the cab! Well, if you were to move it 12" to the bango bongo! It's inside the cab. Notice that it only exhausts out of the bottom. could just attach some ducting at the bottom, cut a hole in your cab, and run the ducting to the hole. Now your scrubber is inside your cab, and it exhausts to the outside. Yay!

    If you don't like that idea, our friends over at icmag have some great DIY threads on carbon scrubbers. Check this link, this link, and this link for some ideas.

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