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  1. High thought:smoke: Do you think it is possible to contact the dead? Is there a difference between contacting and meddling?
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    you can come to learn from past experiences
  3. Personally, I dont know.
    Im sure noone on here actually knows for a fact... but.. i believe in (and im not religious) the poltergeists, possessions, and contacting the dead through verbal communication and actions. My family always has a history of ghosts and its pretty darn real if ya ask meo_O idk how though
  4. 1Trismegistus1 spoke on this in his Life Death Unknowable thread:

    This agrees with what I have read as well. You can't truly contact a dead person because a personality is just a mask that a soul wears for a single life time. After their incarnation ends they move on to another one.

    Are you trying to contact someone dead OP?
  5. 1Trismegistus1s whole post was pretty good actually. lol and sumthin like that :cool:
  6. hey i contacted the dead earlier this week,

    i hit roadkill again.
  7. I dont believe so. Im on the fence abou ouija, but I do believe in spirits. Ouija seems to really be the only way but I think it is like any majikal ritual and has to be done right. IE not using the matel board.
  8. I can talk to dead people when I smoke salvia
  9. there are rituals to bring down spirits and they can bring very helpful information, again done right by the right person
  10. There have been studies where researchers blind folded participants using ouija boards. they then turned the board upside down without the participant knowing, and when asked simple yes or no questions, it went up to the what it thought was yes and no, which in actuality was the bottom of the board :p
  11. The dead CAN be contacted, but there are certain limitations and rules to this. For one, you can only contact a person who at at the same plane of development or lower than you are, in order to contact someone of a higher plane they must come down to your current plane. Also you have to have the ability to project your consciousness in order to be able to find this person, as time and space do not limit consciousness. One can project only the astral eyes and see anywhere on this planet, in past present and future times with a certain type of clairvoyance, utilizing the Akasa Principle. This Akasa Principle contains all knowledge, and is how one would know where to go in terms of the plane/astral location of the deceased soul. However, you can only know what you are developed enough to "see", so if this person was on a higher plane, you would not be able to know where to find them, nor could you adjust your Soul's vibration in order to go there even if you did.

    As far as using a quija board or pendulum, most times this is influenced by the subconscious mind, you need to be able to lift your spiritual hand/arm (there are 3 parts of the human existence, physical, mental and spiritual) out of the mental and physical arm in order for a spirit to take up the arm to give answers, this is how automatic writing is accomplished and how pendulums and quija boards are correctly used. Mediums walk on dangerous grounds, as they allow their entire being to become "possessed" so to speak, and are at the will of the spirit occupying their body while their own Will/Spirit is displaced. A true initiate will never do such a thing, and remains in control at all times during this partial "switch" of spirits.

    You may have dumb luck using certain methods such as focusing on the person or calling out to them, but their are astral menaces so to speak who will play tricks on the ignorant. Also at times when a person is a bit more recently deceased, the medium will contact what they think is the person, but it is only their mental/astral shell that is discarded a bit later than the physical body, but it also deteriorates, being of a finer form of matter, though much slower than and along with the body. This shell is no longer attached to the person, though it does continue to hold the memories of the last incarnation (as it is the mental energy) but it does not contain the true essence of the person, and so it can offer nothing in the way of telling the medium anything to comfort a family, as it only contains memories of life, and only a slight form of intelligence. This is the most commonly mistaken case of contacting a deceased person.

    Hope that helped.
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    Another study showing the mind can be tricked. So what? It doesnt disprove that you can contact the dead

    You can also say the dead arent blind either. they know where the 'yes' is
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    3 of my sisters have done so. Rather, they were contacted by the spirits.

    However, one of my sisters had evoked a demon by simply stating that she wanted to know, just the smallest bit, what hell was like. Lo and behold later that night as she was almost asleep, (and I will spare you details) a demon shows up and it was the worst night of her life.

    Yes, there is a difference between contacting and meddling with the dead. One has good intentions, the other does not.

    On a side note (as opposed to a front note?) If you wish to contact a loved one all you must do is will it. That is, if a spirit is attempting to contact you, you must will it to do so (let him contact you). Or if you are attempting to contact a spirit, you must will it to be so (let him know you want to contact him).
    Going about "willing" something to be so is rather easy. All you need is faith and an ability to think.

    Edit: On the topic of ouija boards, many people assume the "power" is in the board. It isn't. It is in the participants.
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