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  1. I keep getting a notification on my screen when I try to post.
    It's the ...might be spam or inappropriate content... notice.
    The content is technical growing advice for a member I'm having a conversation with . He asking for my help, the filter bots will not allow the type of conversation I thought that the forum wanted. I'm a new member so I may not know the huddles that I must jump.
    Any advice.
  2. Try messaging me the same message.

    Usually, unless we see a post, the best way to get our attention is to self report the post, message, etc. Then we will be notified.

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  3. Or add me to the conversation.
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  4. ^ well there ya go :)
  5. Thanks for the advice ICGreen,
    How do I add you to an existing conversation?
  6. I tried to start a conversation with you, cut and pasted my draft post.
    Spam Notice showed up again
  7. Try it with no quotes in the message, sometimes those can foul things up.
  8. I removed the " marks. Still a problem. Is mentioning name brands a red flag?
  9. Also the conversation that I tried to start with you is stuck in conversations and I can't get it out of the way.
  10. Thanks, l love hanging out with the members pleading for help.
  11. Hello ICGreen,
    I haven't heard from any of the big guns yet. So I'm not sure now, did you forward the problem on the the guys or am I to contact the somehow.
    I have also cleared all cookies and history thinking that might help. We are stuck. My post to another member stuck in place and when I try to POST I still get the ..."may be spam like or inappropriate..." ., also the conversation I tried to start with you is stuck in the same manner. this is happening when I try with all three of my devices. Big Bummer.
  12. They should have gotten a notification.
    Let's try again, sometimes they can be involved in other activities, so it may take a bit.
    @Lizard King

    Can someone check his settings etc.
  13. Checking now...
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  14. All settings are fine.

    More info is needed. Are you using laptop/desktop? If so, which browser and do you have add ons?
    If you are using a mobile device, are you using the app or the mobile browser? Android or iOS?

    If this happens on one device, have you tried another one? If you use the app, have you tried the mobile browser?

    Have you cleared the cache on anything?

    There are so many factors that could come into play so info like this is necessary for troubleshooting.
  15. Is it long?
  17. Yeah, just reread that @ICGreen . It's something on his end as everything is fine on the back end.

    Screenshots would help, probably.

    I just deleted a thread of his very similar to this one. I saw another thread where the picture issue he was having was fixed. I saw about 3 other threads from the Contact Us that were similar.

    It sounds like whatever he is posting may be very long and that could contribute to it. He might need to make sure everything on his end is fully updated.
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  18. Has anyone else had this issue?
  19. Not that I've heard of, I wonder if it may be because of the recipients?

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