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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by floating_by, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. In a most puzzling move, the stimulus package being touted by Obama includes provisions to INCREASE funding for the Byrne Grant programs, as well as the Clinton-era "Cops" program.

    With no demonstrable results with respect to drug demand, availability, or even HOW the money is spent, the Byrne and COPS programs certainly fit the bill of "failed programs" that Obama had vowed to go "line by line" to address. Considering civil rights groups, minority advocacy groups, and other watchdog groups such as "Citizens Against Government Waste" have all written scathing criticism of these programs for their lack of accountability and their abuses of power, they certainly cannot in good consciense be included in the stimulus package. Even the Bush administration had cut funding to these failed programs because of the lack of accountability they demonstrated.

    Please, take a moment to contact your Senator in Washington and demand that the Byrne Grant and COPS programs be excluded from the stimulus package. We cannot afford to continue down the path of government waste, not to mention the increased use of para-military task forces which use highly suspect methods of drug law enforcement such as "no-knock" warrants. This is not sound policy and is downright reckless when it comes to government spending. Police forces have enough funding already. Doing the same on a larger scale does not equate to "safer streets."
  2. Its only 3 billion, that would run out Salary in a couple months.

    I dont think anything they do will stop our progress, we are now progressing by the day, rather than by the years.

    It is a huge difference now than 10 years ago.

    I dont see how writing our Senator will help stop the increase
  3. Salary is already covered by your LOCAL tax dollars in-state. These funds are specifically for special task force programs that bring us these wonderful para-military police units that do the bidding of the federal government. If you are a fan of no-knock warrants, racial profiling, infringing on our constitutional rights, then by all means, do nothing. ;)
  4. There are already restrictions on No-Knock warrents, we are covered from that every happening

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