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Contact Lenses?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deathader, May 31, 2009.

  1. Should I be taking my contacts out while I'm high?
  2. i have contacts too and i take them off when i smoke and then put visine after the session and then put my contacts back on.
  3. I don't think there's a problem with leaving them in. but if you're really paranoid just carry some visine.
  4. Ha it's up to you bro. I leave mine in cause it gives me an excuse for my eyes being red! But ultimately depends on your eye sight without them
  5. My vision is absolutely terrible. My left eye is -4.5 and my right is -3.75. I'm pretty sure -6 is legally blind (in Canada).

    I was just wondering if it would dry out my lenses and turn them to rubbish, or if it was bad for my eyes to leave them in while blazing.

    Thanks :D
  6. Visine buddy, visine. just keep the red eye formula visine and you're set.
  7. I always smoke with my contacts in and never have had any problem. And it gives me an excuse to why my eyes are red, which has saved my ass many times.
  8. Is there a special visine for contacts? Or will the good old regular stuff do ;)
  9. Red eye formula works the best IMO, but ill ask my girl because she uses Rhotos and says that its 100x better than visine.
  10. i use visine, or clear eyes. which basically is whatever i have lying around.
    but yea to add to my previous post, it depends if its night or day, because usually by night my contacts will be starting to get more dry and if i dont have to go anywhere ill just take them out, but during the day their fine.
    for me smoking doesn't make them more dry, but yea just put in some drops.
  11. I love how many people ask that question :smoke:

    And no, you don't need to take your contacts out when you're high. They might get a little dry and annoying when your eyes dry out from being stoned, but for me it's never bad enough that I bother to do anything about it. if you want, you could get eyedrops for contact wearers.
  12. I keep mine in but sometimes they can get really dry but you just have to use rewetting drops or whatever there called and ur good. Also I don't think it messes up the contacts or anything else so your fine to smoke in them.
  13. I have contacts and i just use the reg. visine when im blazin'. I also usually sleep in them cause im too lazy to take them out, they seem fine? :eek:

    I think the visine just re-wets them, so its alllll goood.

  14. ahhah. me tooooo! i take them out like once a week (if that...), and then I put in a new pair at the end of each month. but i'm pretty sure my eye doctor would hit me over the head with a brick if he knew of my negligence...
  15. I used to do that with my contacts until my buddy (who also did the same thing) got the worst eye infection from not taking them out and almost lost the vision in his left eye, had to have steroids injected into his eye a bunch of times to keep the sight in it and it was painful as hell for like 4+ months.

    Take em out every night now heh.

  16. ahhhhhh

    see, that's all i needed was a gross story to give me a kick in the pants. my eye spazzed just imagining it. i think i'll take them out more often ^_^

  17. You don't want to be using Visine with contacts. There is a special eye drop that is called an eye lubricant that you will need to buy. One I know of goes under the brand "Systane". If you read the back of the Visine bottle it says to not use with contacts. It fucks with them, I can't remember how, but my eye doctor told me. So look at the back of the boxes and make sure it is safe for contacts.
  18. I leave em in. Im like -5 in both eyes i cant even see my hand clear like 2 inches away. So i really need them. I had to take em out once tho because i french inhaled into my eye and it was getting irritated.
  19. I was rummaging through my bathroom drawers, and I found these:


    One of them is these:


    The other is


    Will either of these take the redness of smoking away?
  20. Get high twice and use each eye-drop brand once, and record your results. :hello:

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