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Contact lenses, any advice

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sinister, May 8, 2003.

  1. Ok I got pretty bad eyesight and I must wear glasses to drive which ive been wearing for about 2 years now and its just making my eyes worse because I dont wear em unless Im driving.

    I got contacts but got so pissed off at blinking the wrong way while trying to put em in and having em fall out that I gave up.

    Does ANYONE have any tips/advice that helped you get used to em and get in/out? Im determined to get used to them and shit so I can finally not be blind, so any help would be appreciated.

    Also while stoned does this affect your contacts at all? When your eyes are bloodshot are they more dry and need more solution or anything like that? Thanks in advance for any help, peace.
  2. Haha. Yah man me too, when I first got my contacts several months ago I couldn't put them in at all. I went like the first two days without them cause I would be trying all morning to get them in and I would just have to say fuck it to leave for school.

    You can either use both hands (one hand finger to hold top eyelid open, other to hold bottom and put in contact) or my friend recommended when I couldn't do it that way was to use one hand by pulling your bottom lid down and setting it in and then pull your eyelid over it.

    Kinda hard to explain it, but you probably got some written directions to follow too?

    But most of all, just practice. I thought no matter what I wasn't gonna be able to get them in cause I really really hate stuff in my eyes and I'll blink no doubt. But you will get used to it within prolly a week. The one thing I've noticed that helps is to stand real close to the mirror, so you can see exactly what is happening (look straight ahead) as you put them in.

    And no, I don't think smoking has any effect on them. They will seem dry for a while and will bug you towards the end of the day, so use rewetting drops often for the first couple weeks if you need.

    Oh, and what is nice about getting contacts is if anyone questions your eyes being red, just say its your contacts!
  3. I just wear my glasses all day. I hated them at first but I kinda like them now. Except when I set them some where and bend the fuck out of them and have to spend a half an hour trying to make them fit right and not sit crooked. I just don't think I could get contacts in. I hate anything being near my eyes. I can't even put eyedrops in. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water.
  4. Here... I got bored and made this... I know how much it sucks when you're first starting to use contacts... I hopes this does more helping than confusing... I had to make it in Paint so its kinda shitty... but basically the fingers are labled 1, 2, and 3, and so are the steps...

    1)Make sure your eye and the area around it are dry and clean as well as your fingers/hands/whatever else may be touching your eyes or contacts. Open yer eye wide with finger 1 (finger 1 should prolly be the middle finger of one of your hands) by kinda pulling down on the bottom eyelid.

    2)Keeping finger 1 in place proceed to take finger 2 (finger 2 should be the index finger from the same hand as finger 1) and put it like right where your eyelashes meet your eyelid on the top eyelid. Push up towards your eyebrow with your finger.

    3)With the contact on finger 3 (finger 3 is the index finger from the opposite hand as fingers 1 and 2) and both eyes wide open, attack your eyeball and cram the contact onto it...

    I haven't noticed anything from just being stoned with my contacts cept for maybe a little dryness. But that can happen from any kind of smoke and even from a car heater. The heater in my car dries my contacts out horribley... so I usually keep the heat directed at the floor. I've also noticed that the contacts block things that would normally hurt your eyes. That makes sense though cuz they don't let as much air/whatever is in the air reach your eyes. For example when smoke gets in my eyes with my glasses on, my eye waters up and stings horribley, but with my contacts I dont usually notice anything cept after prolonged exposure to it. That's when they start drying up and when you wanna pour some saline into your eyes.

    Hope that helps you out... If you have anymore questions ask and I'll answer them if I can. Goodluck.

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  5. I've been wearing contacts for 5 years, and yes, when you get high they do dry out....sometimes really bad. Keep a bottle of Visine or something on you to wet them when you need to.

    Also, DON'T sleep with them in like I do...I'm so lazy, but it's really not good for your eyes....and your contacts are all fuzzy in the morning when you do it
  6. Contact lenses, any advice ..

    used to best effect with eyes.
    sorry, look to my av to see why im of little assistance here. :D
  7. Laser surgery

    Thats the best. I've got pretty good eyes, but when I need to wear glasses for everyday stuff, I'm gonna get laser.

    My uncle just got it, and the next day he could see better that 20/20. And he used to be blind as a bat.

    Anyway, it's exspensive, but soon, some insurance will start covering parts of it. In the long run, its probably cheaper when you consider all the oney on contacts, new persriptions, and the solutions.

  8. Thanks for the advice people, Ill try putting em again later using some of your techniques, Im sure if I try enough ill get them in and get used to em, but if I can ever afford it im probably gonna look into laser surgery.

    Any idea on a pricerange on that?
  9. laser surgery (from what i'm told) usually runs around $5,000-$6,000... i'm not sure on that though. it's something i heard a while back. not sure how accurate it is.

    as far as getting contacts in, use your index finger and thumb of one hand to hold open your eye. use the index finger of the other hand to place the contact on your eye. let go of the bottom eyelid, then use 2 fingers to pull your upper eye-lid out and over your contact. make sure to keep your heat straight or slightly tilted back or the contact's just gonna keep falling out.

    it took me forever to get used to putting them in. it'd take me almost an hour in the morning just to do 1, LOL... you'll get used to it eventually though, and it'll be like second nature.

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