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  1. Whenever I made this account, I registered under a new, separate email account from my usual one for privacy reasons, I haven't used that email since then (I use the iPhone app) and can't seem to remember it.

    I would like to be able to log on here on the computer, but can't without my login info.

    How can I contact someone who can help me using only the iPhone app?
  2. Is there a "Settings" button at the top of your page? Try going there and look for "Edit Email & Password"

    On the computer, it tells me what my email address is. Maybe it will on the app too.
  3. Hello administrator! I have tried multiple times to post a reply in a PM thread but it said that I have "inappropriate elements". I cannot even identify which part/s of my message was inappropriate. And there was nothing inappropriate in my message.

    Please help.

  4. I sent you a PM.
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  5. Hi admin, how do you delete an account? X
  6. Rough subject to start with, hope not, but if you're sure;

    Account Deletion Requests
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  7. ok...Now how do I delete other peoples accounts?
    Just wondering.
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  8. You need to become me to do that :bolt:
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  9. Prove it.

    Sent from deleted account.
  10. Old members remember my current username belong to someone else , i hijacked it :love-m3j:
    My user title : gnik drazil refers to my previous username :smoking:
  11. Imposter!!!!!

  12. I will be the new lizard king!
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  13. If you want to become a legend, just submit bro... We can have a frankenstein (death race) legend started.
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  14. Dude i am the only real Lizard King after the actual real Lizard King
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  15. Sorry after the second actual real Lizard King
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  16. I misspelt my username. Should be eight rabbits. Can you help?
  17. @RMJL

    She should be able to help.
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