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Consumption VS Creation

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by hibodharma, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Life takes a turn when you become a parent as well
  2. I feel post trip depression for months coming back from any country hehe
  3. We are all slaves to "THE", corrupt money grabbing few . It's been like that from the day we got civilized , and i see no change on the horizon ...... then i get stoned , find snacks , throw in my Road Runner DVD (BEEP BEEP ;0) ) and stop giving a shit .... They want you to waste your life caring because it stops you doing anything else
  4. Yeah what you said makes sense but on a negative level..

    Consuming things can lead to insight.. which would be a way of positively associating with those things.. because well.. those things are fun! TV, porn.. art watching.. playing sports, getting high.. walking / enjoying nature.. posting on the internet.. these are all things that are popular to do in our culture and they are popular for a reason, a good reason by matter of fact!

    In different cultures you find performing rituals, praying and ministering to people..

    Its all how you look at it that determines whether it is good or bad.. but people enjoy (me included).. both the darker side of consumption and the lighter side..

    Either way expressing yourself as if from the darker or lighter side of things can be seen as a positive or negative form of expression..

    ^ But both are interesting..

    Good to talk about!
  5. So there's a darker side to buying Cornflakes ? ....... Come to think of it last time i opened a box i did hear heavy breathing then the words " This is MY breakfast Luke " ..... I never knew you could consume a walk ..... Now i'm not pointing any fingers but i suspect you've been using drugs :cop:
  6. Drugs are good yes, and yes I use them!

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