Consuming While Teeth Whitening

Discussion in 'General' started by thehigherjew, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. All the research I've done says that I shouldn't smoke while I'm whitening my teeth.  First off, is this true?  How long after I've finished can I smoke again?
    Also, what about vaping?  Do the same rules apply?

  2. I'd say you're good. it takes a long time for your pipe to resinate, so I'm sure if you smoke once or twice you'll still have those pearly whites
  3. Yes, you shouldn't be smoking right after your teeth whitening session. Generally, you should wait for atleast 1 week, before you start smoking again. In my opinion you should consult an General Dentistry for better information.
  4. why even whiten your teeth if your gonna smoke?  
  5. Were gonna die anyways why not pull all your teeth out with pliers.
  6. What's the reasoning behind that?
  7. Why reason if were just gonna suck stuff idk. Bahaha random. Random me I guess hehehe.
    No, I meant why do they specify some definite delay after the whitening process? Like i was thinking maybe it had to do with a chemical reaction that would occur for a while afterwards - like turning your teeth green or maybe they fall out or something

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