Consumed Moldy Weed: Help?

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  1. So recently a close friend of mine grew his first plants, left the bud to dry for too long and it developed small spots of white mould throughout some of the buds, I was unaware of this until after brewing a tea with it and consuming approximately 4g(1g in tea and 3 smoked) I haven't experienced any severe side effects but I've been stuck on the toilet for a while. I'm hoping it's down to a poor diet and the timing is coincidental. I discarded all the remaining weed. Is there any particular side effects I should keep an eye out for? Or is there some kind of natural remedy I can use to counteract any mould which may have possibly been consumed?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Just watch out for your health man. If anything out of the ordinary happens then get checked out.
  3. Marijuana does not developed mold from drying out too long. It will develop mold from being too wet and not drying it properly.
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  4. Perhaps I got my information wrong, just the bud was extremely dry to the touch inside and on the surface so I assumed it was over dried
  5. Could somebody please just confirm that this is actually mouldy weed? (Quite difficult to get a good picture of)

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  6. Yes
  7. textbook case..Mold it is!
  8. Throw that stuff away man

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