consume less water near harvest?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by VisineRocks, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. My DQ is @ day 60, 70%sativa. I have a scope but I just cant fuckin tell, most are cloudy some a clear a couple are amber. I pulled a few branches and dried then out of despret need and they are patheticly small and stink of chlorophill. Im running dwc AN 3 part with koolbloom. Please help. (the plant its self stinks like crazy. Its still drinking alot of water (drains about 5in in 2 days in a 5gal lowes bucket)
  2. Pics later tonight. Im looking for 100% cloudy, most harvest on day 63 imafraid I delayed flowering (85 degrees the last two weeks) and had to trim around week 4 of flower for more air flow.
  3. Different phenotypes will flower at different intervals. Don't pull anything unless it's done. Wait until you see your 100% cloudy, then pull it.

    Give it more time, and just keep an eye on it. There's absolutely no reason to pull a plant early just because you're getting anxious.

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