construct my workout today for me :D!

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  1. So, today im gonna do some back, bis, and tris.


    (Just some background info, normally can row 75lbs 3 sets of 10. do standing dumbell curls 35, 30, 25. sets of - 8, 10, 10.

    Um....preacher with 20lbs on each side of a 15lbish bar (i aint huge i accept it.)

    30 chinups, 30 pullups. Lat pull downs set to the 150 setting (Doubt its actually 150lbs)

    all of this is with perfect ya...gimme some ideas gc. Make me hurt tomorrow mornin.
  2. What happened to getting on a real program >.<
  3. Give me one cock pushup!
  4. Weighted Chins
    Weighted Dips

    There's back, bi's, tri's for ya
  5. eating program, my workout vary so it nvr gets old.
  6. If you have access to a barbell and free weights

    squats, dead lifts, and benching should be your 3 main lifts. each done on a separate day with 2-3 other lifts for that muscle group.

    or look up bill star's 5x5 program and follow it real strict and you will see fast gains in strength
  7. you should not work your tris on the day you work your bis and back.

    there's two options:

    1: work bis, tris, and forearms in one day. then, work chest and tris once you heal a different day. then, work back and bis another day.

    2: work back and bis one day. then, work tris and chest one day. (forearms come in on a day you choose them too, usually back + bis day. i believe every muscle should be worked in the week, none overlooked)

    i do option one, but two is a good option.

    healing time depends how hard you work. the muscle will tear, and heal bigger than it was before (=gain of mass and strength). so if you tear it again before it heals, you're delaying the process. not progressing. 3 days should be enough, depends on the person and workout. you should hurt within those 3 days, or you aren't trying hard enough.

    more reps of less weight gives you strength. less reps of heavy weight gives you bulk. if you can do 100 on your chest and lift it 10 times - that will give you strength. but it also means you can do 120 on your chest and lift it 5 times - that will give you bulk.

    do a pyramid effect where you start low (but don't start low as in the same weight everyday, always go up next week compared to what you did this week*). then bring the weight up. then up again. build the pyramid. drop the weight back down some, then down some more.

    *what i mean is if you go from 100 on your chest to 120 today. next time you work you chest, don't start at 100. start at 120. then if you can only add 5 or ten pounds, do it. plan it out, don't just hope 'one day i'll lift more than before'.
  8. What's a cock pushup?
  9. what's a cock pushp?

    A cock push-up my friend, is when you lay on your stomach, and lift yourself off the ground with nothing but your boner.
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    You've got it flipped around. Lower amounts of heavier reps will lead to strength gains without significant size gains through increased neuromuscular coordination and myofibrillar hypertrophy. To bulk up, one typically needs a higher training volume i.e the traditional 8-12 reps per set model or the 10x10 model of German Volume Training. This type of workout induces sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. You can gain plenty of size doing strength training and gain strength doing sarcoplasmic hypertrophy training, but it's not as easy.
    I do agree with your workout splits though. I tend to do full body workouts so this is not an issue for me, but when I do split body parts up that is how I do it.

    To anyone actually trying to use this info- heavy strength training requires long rest periods. I typically do 3 minutes. For putting on size, people usually use around a minute or 90 seconds between sets.
  11. well I was drunk when i posted this, but that's no excuse for me because I was taught you didn't need heavy weight to build strength. I'm pretty sure they were misinformed as was I (was doing some reading online).

    I'll be honest I had to look up half your words there. :rolleyes: but glad you posted.

    the reason I like to split them up other than the obvious is because I feel if I did a full body workout in one day I'd be there for 5+ hours. I like to focus on one muscle group and do multiple different exercises, usually 4-5 sets of each (the misinformation about bulk/strength could be partially because of that routine). then when I go back to that muscle group I do different exercises (some stay the same but I'll switch the order of them up).

  12. When I do full body workouts it's typically with big compound lifts like squats, bench press, weighted chins, etc. Makes it a lot easier to get it in quick.
  13. that's a good option. I don't do squats because of the extra stress on my already bad back. I need to get that checked out this month, it's muscle balance related I believe.

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