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!! Constipation !! *Gasp*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sensi Enthused, May 31, 2004.

  1. Well, I've been smoking the the sacred sin of the soil for quite some time now and I've recently developed what seems to be a case of constipation. I've been dealing with a somewhat uncomfortable "irregularity" in my, er...bowel movements; or lack thereof. I just want to clear any chance of this being a result of my smoking. When I smoke, initially, any actual feelings of constipation or discomfort are relieved for a couple hours. But I'm just concerned that maybe the composition of my blood (or whatever) after the major part of the 'high' is what's causing this. Haha, hopefully it's non-related and that it is because of my diet or something. Right. I won't waste your time anymore. Any thoughts/facts would be great! Thanks!
  2. never heard of that before? but im no doctor nor am i a scientologist.

    an easy answer would be get more fiber.
  3. drink fluids, take x-lax, prepare for extreme shit..

    im very sorry

  4. I'm sure it's got nothing to do with smoking.. ;)
  5. Jee, miss. Seems as though I've upset you. My apologies...
    ...right. 'Twas your own curiosity that got you to this thread; you should've of shown self-control :-/ . Oh well - No one's perfect.

    Haha, I'm so grilled. Thanks for the suggestions. I did up the X-Lax, and the results were


  6. ^^ thats funny

    And high girl I can agree that some of these people need to get a grip and chill the fk out, but I think u hit alittle to close to home on that one :)

    Ohh and drink more water
  7. : ' ( Point recieved. Naw, I'm just paranoid. I've been smoking for 6 years and I was just a little concerned heh heh. So I figured I'd just rule some things out for the sake of sound mind. I'd probably be bitchy, but I'm too stoned for that right now. = ) No worries. I'll leave my gastro-intestinal inquiries to myself.
  8. I actually read on Erowid in the experiences with marijuana section, that some guy was constipated when he wasn't high but then when he was high he was fine. But your constipation could be totally un related to smoking.
  9. are you taking any sort of opiate.....thats one of there main drawbacks....

    aside from that as others said, i would just look for small changes in your life that could be causing this problem... stressed at all?
  10. I've concluded that it's not the herb. After, basically, applying ALL your suggestions, I feel like a new man. Did a few days of Exlax to clear shit out (literally, har har), added more fiber to my diet, and just improved my eating habits in general. Seems to be working out for me now. Appreciate all the suggestions!! Thanks again! Aloha

    Naw, no opiates illicit or medicinal, but a good thought.
  11. no.... its not the weed.... it is all the munchies you eat while you are high.... that is why when you are high you dont feel it because you are just starting to eat, but when you are not high and stop eating...... your....err... constipated. just take some exlax or something.

    just my theory ;p

  12. just thought id say, it may be somewhat annoying to see stupid posts or the same thing over and over again, but hell, none of us regulars is doing much to help with any exciting posting, so atleast the noobs give us something to read. without them this place can get preeeeeeettttttty dryyy.

    everyone! your mission this week is to do something interesting! And talk about it!
  13. seems like everybody wants to ask if any change tehy see is because of them smoking.

    or coem up with some new idea for smoking, which we all already know about.

    we gotta get back to just smoking. i have no weed right now. maybe tomorrow. or thrudsays definatly saturday if not friday.
  14. Delita420 - Here are my answers to your inquiries.

    I say Aloha because Hawaii is my birthplace.
    I shared that information simply because, as the title of this thread connotates, I had dealt with constipation. I felt that, as an act of respect, I should provide feedback to ensure that all who posted suggestions had these recieved well, and with thanks. I apologize for making you feel nauseous...but perhaps if constipation, and methods of relief, is a subject you cannot physically handle, I suggest that in the future you allow the subject of each thread to forewarn you before entrance.

    Luke -
    Haha, yeah, I know you weren't being a dick to me specifically...nor did I really feel like you were being a dick at all. Seemed like you had some understandable annoyances to deal with :p. Atleast you didn't go kill somebody ; ). I'm glad I saved a life at my own expense heh heh.
  15. all i can say is if you want fast easy relief drink beer, lots of beer trust me whenever i feel like i have to shit but sorta cant thats what i do and ive been fine for years plus you get fucked up so its fun :D
  16. As gravy said, opiates can cause constipation...

    but if you're not takin any of those, eat some fruit or something.

    Edit: ... eat fruit anyways!

  17. Now that's fucking great, you know they were stoners because the white owls and CHIPS (gotta have them munchies) we're the only things taken... my god, if you can't afford 2.40 for a box of white owls, you really need to quit smokin dope :X
  18. return to the question......NO! Smoking actually does th eopposite. It helps the digestion system. Or to put it this way...smoking can help you shit haha

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