Constantly tired, Always dozing off

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  1. Ive noticed this year and last year im always constantly tired. I can get the best sleep ever and ill be still tired. I will be just sitting and ill doze off. I have been smoking marijuana average, probaly 3-4 times a week and im starting to suspect marijuana is the cause of this. I have tooken month long T-breaks and been dozing off every one of those days. Ive noticed right now in my life this is becoming a very extreme problem for me. Energy drinks do help me stay focused and awake but are extremely unhealthy and ive heard a lot of people getting heart attacks from 5 hour energy. Like right now as im typing this and im dozing off. I usually get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, some nights i get evan more sleep than that. Ive looked on google and there is some medications to fix this but i defiantly dont like taking meds and i like doing natural stuff. Is there any way to get pass this problem
  2. Eat a better diet (fish high in omego 3, fruits, and vegetables) and exercise regularly.

  3. A word of advice. Cut the energy drinks out ALTOGETHER. Those things will pick you up for about 3 hours, then you are literally drained for a full day. On the days where I do actually drink one I find it almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning even after a full nights rest. Also stop eating greasy and saturated foods, they have a tendency to bring energy levels down and make you feel 'bleh'. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, also drink lots of water, LOTS. Ive found that the weed effects your energy alot less if you are healthy and eating right.

    You might also be depressed. Depression causes extreme fatigue in some cases. I know during my phases of unemployment I would get very depressed. During those times I could literally sleep for 12 hours, get up and blaze, then go back to bed 20 minutes later.

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