Constantly Looking At Your Stash While Toking And Taking Big Whiffs?

Discussion in 'General' started by davidtokehead, Jun 7, 2013.

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    so like the title says, does anyone else do this?
    like when i toke up in my room i need to have my stash jar next to me cuz i get urges to look at it and examine the quality and take big deep whiffs to get all the undertones of the smell. i ask other tokers and they think im wierd or something

  2. lol it sounds like you just described sexual attraction towards bud
  3. hahaha naw, i dont go sticking my dick in my jar of weed and fucking it
  4. Haha Weed Porn, mouth watering over such crystalline strains. 
  5. Uhhhh, nope

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  6. Lol, no. I do like to keep it out tho so I can look at its beauty everytime I walk into my bathroom. :p I'm single, something has to greet me and make me smile, right?!
  7. Haha yeah man I get nose hair deep in my jar everytime I pack a bowl or roll up I usually stash it back in my backpack during the session though
  8. Yeah, it's not polite, I know, but I love to stare and smell. :devious:
  9. id like to greet you and make you smile :ey:
  10. I saw her first! 

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