Constant phlegm in throat from smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by kn_Villain, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. I've been smoking for some time now, and recently I've been noticing mucus being built up in my throat constantly which makes me cough to try to clear it so much. It's gotten to the point where now it's driving me crazy. Coughing doesn't even help- it doesn't clear it completely and it never does.

    Is this because I've been smoking out of a dirty pipe? I only smoke once a week with my friends so I don't even smoke that much.

    Has anyone experienced something like this? It's been 4 days maybe 5 and it has not improved one bit.
  2. It's from combustion

    Invest in a quality vaporizer and stop putting flame to your flowers
  3. happens to me almost everytime i smoke... sometimes super bad with a coughing fit trying to hack it all out.

    i got some walmart brand flo-nase and ill do a hit or two in each nostril if im gonna be smoking with people and dont want to get snotty. i think, for me at least, taking really big that would make you cough anyway make it worse.

    smaller tokes off the pipe or if you milk a bong and then exhale that empty air before you inhale the smoke helps
  4. But I'm still suffering from this and I'm not smoking. Does this go away after some time? I mean it's been 4 days so it's really worrying me.
  5. well the temp of the smoke is about 500 degrees when it goes into your mouth hits yer throat then mucus membrane cools it down, but it sears soft tissue as smoke is very hot.
  6. Your putting combustible material into the very delicate lining of your lungs. there will be issues depending on how much/often/type/method of consumption, everyone is different!
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  7. If you're using a bong put plenty of ice in the chamber.
    Chew sugarless gum.
    Suck on eucalyptus drops while smoking.
    Drink plenty of water BEFORE you smoke.
    Relax your shoulders, this helps open up your airways.
    If you feel a cough coming on, breath through your nose immediately.
  8. I get that too but it's mainly allergies. Usually goes away after popping a allergy pill. Especially bad during rag weed season.
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  9. Yes, about 2 months in from when I started smoking I started noticing I was hacking up phlegm a lot. Still do. I figure it will continue until I cull smoking entirely and focus on dabs/edibles/vaping. But that won't be for years, not until at least I'm out of college.

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