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  1. does anyone else think of the wild west when you see or hear the word constable... but yea, i'm goin to meet him right now so i dont get arrested... who knew i had a warrant, i didnt. i sent my dad to go pay off this fine i got in the mail n they said i have to appear in person and call the constable. so i did n my fine went from 113 to 150
  2. i think of ol school new york cops with the bowler hats
  3. I think of England.
  4. I think of the Cosby show.

  5. QFT. Like, Early 1900's/1800's.

  6. :p

  7. i think. wat a word, wat a word
  8. haha, when i think constable i think of the movie hot fuzz. fave movie ever (with some exceptions)
  9. ^^^^^^
    Yarp, need I say more
  10. Nailed it

    Yeah, I think of a police officer with a rounded helmet/hat type thing going on and a billy club

    I think of the Wild West when I hear "sheriff"
  11. narp:)

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