conspiracy theory!!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by herojuana, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. it jsut doesnt make sense, it jsut doesnt!!!!

    the law against marijuana is alot more harmfull then the actuall drug????

    why is the govenment pouring out all this cash for anti marijuana groups?????

    why is alchole legal and marijuana isnt????

    why havent we decrimalized it yet?

    smoking marijuana can and is done responsibly,

    whast the damn deal!!!!!!!!

    the govenment behind it, i never trusted em, with there weapons of mass destroction, power hungry old people, war is all they know, sending yuong men of to there deaths, they dont even know what they are fighting for, stoping terrorizm with war, and killing...... non of it makes sense,

    call me idealistic but somthing messed up is going on.......

  2. Somthing is messed up! See... the bad news is.. war begets war, fighting begets fighting, revenge begets revenge, evil begets evil! This is one of the simplest truths, but we humans just ignore that fact.

    The other simple truth, which, as humans, we also forget is the Good News! The Good News is: peace begets peace, kindness begets kindness, compassion begets compassion, love begets love! By the way, if you want to understand what true Christianity is all about, there it is.

    The answer is simple, love. :)
  3. you are so right!!

    but relgion causes many holy wars, and much hate aswell,
    how many people do u think in truth practive real (relgion) christanty

    i am a orthadox jew

    have u ever heard this new movie that is coming out called The Passion Of The Christ? mel gibson directed it, i think its going to renew alot of anti-Semetic feelings for jews all around the world, if u have heard of it, whats ur input on it,

  4. Don't confuse religion and faith. Real Christianity is about love and faith, not about going to church on Sunday, or following a bunch of arbitrary (even if well-intentioned) rules. It's religion that causes the holy wars, not faith, and not what Christianity would be if everyone got over their own fucking petty differences and paid attention to the TRUTH! instead of the arbitrary rules and regulations.

    *steps off his soapbox*

    *strokes his chin thoughtfully for a few seconds*

    *steps back on his soapbox*

    And another thing.... the real problem, the cause of ALL wars, ALL fighting, is that we categorize. Humans group things, and assign arbitrary labels, stereotypes, to things. Therefore, instead of seeing each other as FELLOW FUCKING HUMANS, we see each other as a "black person" or a "Jew" or a "Catholic" or an "Arab" or a "hippie" or a "prep" or a {insert arbitrary grouping here}. Get my point? With each one of the groups I mentioned comes along arbitrary stereotypes, prejudices, about the person that belongs to that group. Some stereotypes may be correct most of the time, others are almost never correct, but one thing that IS always true is that NONE of these sterotypes are correct ALL THE TIME! Ugh! This just makes me so sick!!

    *steps back off his soapbox*

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