Conspiracy theory with god

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  1. So why did humans just really document stuff really well only within the last couple thousand years. Like know one documented the flood or anything, like if you were noah you would be like holy shit I'm floating across the world I'm gonna write about this shit it is crazy. But nothing was written down. God's not real. :confused:
  2. its all bog indeed
  3. Noah is fictional.

    Rounding up 2 of every species on earth is physically impossible.

    Rounding up 2 of 10% of the species on earth is impossible

    Noah is a liar....err I mean the freaks that wrote the Bible
  4. What? Writing is something that humanity had to develop. It was not a tool just spontaneously available throughout all of human history. It is a recent invention.

    It is both clear from the Bible, and the Sumerian epics (along with the earliest dating available for Sumerian writing/cuneiform) that the purported events of the Bible/Sumerian epics happened thousands of years before the invention of writing systems and the recording of histories. These stories represent cultural memories which we have no way of actually dating. These stories could have been told for millennia for all we know before they were written down.

    Also, do you know just how many writings are lost to history? An unfathomable amount. For all we know, Noah could have recorded his journeys, in his own words by his own hand, and we have just never found them (I don't actually believe this...your argument is just too ridiculous to not point out the glaring problems)
  5. Many religions have a story about a great flood. Explain that
  6. Religions stole various stories from each stealing a good joke!

  7. Many stories were written about the great flood, only 1 book called it magical. Everyone else called it a flood.

    Also everyone else said a generous king went down saving drowning animals and humans, while 1 book said 1 man organized it all.

    Who you gonna believe, entire room or 1 nut?

  8. You're so wrong it's amazing.

    Way more than 1 flood narrative links the source of the flood to the Divine

  9. You don't make sense.

  10. You said only one book calls the flood magical. The rest just say it was a flood.

    That is wrong. There are various narratives (WAY more than just 1) that say the flood was caused by Divine Being(s)

  11. Ok, much easier to read.

    Well, they're nuts! It was a flood. I was informed by my 2000 year old informants.
  12. Oh no doubt. Taking anything in the bible very literally is going to lead nowhere. I believe there are a lot of hidden messages, even hidden in plain sight, in all sacred texts because most are connected with their ancient stories. The Bible is not the only text depicting a great flood. There was a mention in the Dead Sea scrolls, in sacred Indian texts, so on and so forth. All of these texts coincide closely with each other in most cases, and this supposedly happened when many of these civilizations supposedly had miniscule or no contact with each other. If you look at these texts with a modern perspective, obviously you're going to scoff and claim that those who wrote them were freaks, but you really have to think about why such a text has been written and around for so long and is regarded so highly by very powerful groups, such as the United States government for example.

    God most definitely exists OP, but not in the sense that many fanatic or very devout religious people may imagine, or the portrait that has been painted by society. There is an extreme possibility of a Supreme consciousness though, because when you look around at the world around you, and more specifically the universe, there is too much perfection without there being some type of creative entity behind it all. Something as complex as our own genetic code and DNA structure, is virtually impossible to be created by simple mutations throughout our evolutionary stage, without some type of outside interference. Why are humans so advanced mentally, when we are one of the younger species on the planet? Dinosaurs or reptiles have had tens of millions of years of evolution, and yet they are still a very primitive species. It may be possible after extremely long periods of time to develop an intelligent consciousness, but we're talking millions and millions and millions of years of mutations to get to the point where we are now, which is a luxury we never had as a species.

    Just try to take away all bias in your mind, and just think. Think about everything, and I firmly believe that it may lead you to the same conclusion I came to.

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