Conspiracy Theory: Was Bush Protecting Bin Laden?

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    Forget about the Bin Laden deather nonsense. This conspiracy theory has a lot more street cred. On 9/11/2001, Bush authorized the flight for all Bin Laden families (under a no-fly-zone) to be discretely transported out of this country, before they could be questioned by the FBI. Then, in just 2005 (conveniently the same time Bin Laden's Pakistani compound was constructed), Bush directly shut down the last remaining CIA operation to hunt down Bin Laden. A little premature - huh? Perhaps because his oil business was financed by the Bin Laden family was he protecting them. Only until Obama explicitly ordered the CIA to step up it's efforts, did they pull together a few loose ends and actually find the guy.

    A little suspicious - was Bush protecting Bin Laden?

    Old friends!

  2. You have got to be kidding me.....
  3. Ever hear of Pandora's Box?
  4. It is political because everything I stated was factual.

    All I did was ask a question at the end.

  5. Except the title, "Conspiracy Theory", lol

    I'm just giving you a hard time, I've never been bothered by where something is posted.
  6. I don't get what you're pictures trying to prove...every president meets with the Saudis at one point or another..

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    In late 2001, when told that they had cornered Bin Laden in Tora Bora, the Bush administration declined the request for an additional 800 troops - by the then CIA field commander - the Bush administration stated that the Afghan police was sufficient a supplement.

    Most of Bush's military operations in Afghanistan had NOTHING to do with capturing Al Qaeda leadership.
  8. Let's not forget that Bush was a puppet his entire presidency and most of his actions were controlled by others such as Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. So I'm not directly implicating him personally, but his administration as a whole.
  9. Where is the evidence of this?

    This is the evidence against your conspiracy theory (which belongs in Pandora's box):
    Bin Laden family flight - 911myths
  10. Perhaps another reason they declined to capture Bin Laden is because Dick Cheney (and I'm sure many of his cronies) directly benefits financially from ongoing warfare. From his ties to Halliburton, Blackwater, and the military industrial complex - it all seems clear.

    That's why even now after Bin Laden has been killed, Dick Cheney peeps out of his cave and states that it's imperative to stay in Afghanistan. To him, yes, so he can watch his bank account engorge from inside his dark and insidious lair.
  11. anyone who thinks there wasnt anything weird(conspiracy)going on 9/11/01 is just repeating the same bullshit theyve heard and has done no research on the subject because they dont want to believe their own government is corrupt...the unfortunate truth is there are obvious facts that the official report is incorrect but most people just ignore them. most people will call people like me a idiot and never think about this again but if you are someone who likes knowing the facts maybe try doing some actual research.
    watch the movie loose change 9/11 an american coup
    see if that doesnt change your perspective on shit
    also bush protecting bin laden sounds a little far fetched
  12. Anyone who still believes Loose Change needs to get their head checked. Every single part of that movie has been debunked so many times over that its ridiculous.
  13. Bush ignored intelligence that suggested Al Qaeda was plotting a plane-into-building hijack attack the month before the attack.
  14. Obama is the puppet in charge now, Bush is hanging out in TX sipping on an iced tea.
  15. That doesn't mean anything. They get so many threats, to act on all of them would be to live in land of zero freedom.
  16. Why don't you put some proof of these claims, if you expect people to believe them?
  17. It definitely means something. The Bush administration knew of the dangers of Al Qaeda well before 9/11. The Bush administration went out of their way to ignore urgent memos from the CIA and counter-terrorism advisers which contained an unprecedented amount of intelligence in the months before 9/11.


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