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  1. I know it was suggested before and I'd like to suggest it again. This stuff is really beginning to cloud up the politics section. Every thread has someone claiming conspiracy in it and 9/10 its just words, no facts, no articles, no proof. '

    It just seems to me that we could get rid of the 08 Presidential election forum because no one posts in it and instead have a conspiracy theory sub forum. Idk just soooo much of this stuff everywhere that the politics board has become less about politics and more about the conspiracies that are SUPPOSEDLY happening in politics.... I know last time it had support, and I'd just like to resuggest it showing I still support it
  2. i know dude.. i browse around that forum all the time and it gets crazy lol.

    The only issue i see is who interprets what a conspiracy theory is and isn't?
    Aside from the obvious "the aliens are controlling the president and turning us all gay" thread... who would decide whether or not a thread about a one world gov't or a thread about the Fed Reserve's alleged antics are conspiracy or not?
  3. That's simple in my mind. Politics are just that. Political ISSUES. Things like the Fed Reserve's antics and a one world government would BOTH fall in to conspiracy.

    Whether or not a conspiracy theory is real doesn't determine whether it would belong in the politics or conspiracy theory section. Maybe a conspiracy theory forum isn't the right wording for it, but we need a place to put this stuff. It isn't political 90% of the time. Just because it involves politicians and things they may do doesn't mean it's always political. E.g. Sarah Palin's daughter and her boyfriend. Does it involve politicians? Yes, did they make it political and thus belonging in the politics forum, no(unless you would be discussing why it was talked about in the media as political strats by her opponents).

    I'm just saying it really clutters it up. I just came for a thread where I posted probably 10 times just asking for the proof in what they were saying and I just got quotes and propaganda thrown at me. Even after I'd already said I'd like something more than quotes.... It just seems to be that politics should be about political policy and the issues that might come of it, not about who is making that policy and how they are all interconnected by 90th cousins since the days of the church and in line to create a new world order.
  4. Just because some people don't like to hear what some people have to say does not mean it needs to be segregated. Whats next sub forums for republicans and dems?
  5. There is a difference between moving it because people don't like it and because it doesn't belong where it is.
  6. There's not going to be a conspiracy theory sub forum. Sorry.

    All conspiracy theory threads need to go into Pandora's Box from here on out. That's the only forum that they will be welcome in. I'll let the Mods and Super Mods know so that they can deal with the threads appropriately.
  7. Honestly that's too bad. If there were a sub-forum at least those of us who don't care could ignore the entire thing.
  8. There's not enough of it for it to have it's own forum, though. Pandora's Box is for controversial topics and there's nothing more controversial than a conspiracy theory. They belong there.

    Plus, the City just can't be everything to be everybody. We try and we've added a lot of stuff but we can't have a forum for everything. Plus, creating a forum for conspiracy theories is like buying into them and as a website, we don't want to do that.
  9. Why is that 2008 presidential sub forum still around?
  10. It was requested by members that it remain around for viewing.
  11. Well you know what they aren't clouding up the politics section so atleast this thread had some positive happen because of it. Thanks much RMJL :D

    On a side note, I'd suggest a sticky in the politics section so you can let people know that it isn't where they belong.
  12. i second the sticky idea, or some mention in the forum description for the box.

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