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    I both agree and disagree with the article. I for once am open to and study some conspiracy theories, mainly because conspiracies happen all the time at every level of government and society that is an irrefutable fact. However I like to think of myself as a well versed libertarian who does not advocate anti freedom solutions to these conspiracies. On the other hand some people are so attached to conspiracy theories that everything has to be a conspiracy theory.
    So while I understand the author wants to clean up the movements image, he needs to realize that Rahm Emmanuel's, "never let a good crisis go to waste." is absolutely true and is strictly followed by our political class. So while there was not a Sandy Hook conspiracy before the shooting the politicians and anti gun groups have most certainly conspired to use this tragedy to strip us of our rights.

    Not trying to make a gun control thread just giving an example.
  2. I'll give a little slack to the people described in the article due to my own experience. For the first couple years after I started studying political science I was attracted towards socialist ideas and 'conspiracy theories' (coincidence?!? jk jk). But after first learning the philosophy of liberty it took a couple years to replace the assortment of beliefs with knowledge and a rational perspective.

    So maybe the "confused" libertarians are just in a transition. Interesting article none the less.
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    The author of the article Austin Peterson is a fuck wit and media whore who will say and do anything for attention. He is a populist who plays to the crowd time after time.

    I follow him on FB for fun and he has gone as far as advocating military action against Iran to licking Rand the "NeoCon" Paul's balls. His latest populist bandwagon is the whole guns debate.
    One look at the type of comments he makes and receives on FB says it all.

    This man is no more a libertarian than i am. He is nothing but a paid shill for the Koch Bros. A republican who has jumped on the Tea Party band wagon and has become a born again libertarian.
  4. I follow him on facebook too. His posts do come off as attention seeking. He does like Rand. He's basically like Jack Hunter. These guys are iffy. Him and Napolitano pretty much post the same damn things right after the other.

    Idk. Sort of makes me glad that Stefan has turned me away from government to begin with to even bother giving these people the time of day to have the chance of screwing me over.

  5. I follow the Judge as well. They post the same links all the time sometimes within seconds of each other.

    I have often wondered if the Judge and Peterson are in bed together with their laptops sucking each others balls. :)
  6. I think a lot of people consider themselves libertarian when they really aren't.

    That much I agree with.

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