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  1. I would love to hear some of your believed conspiracy theories and explain why you believe these, if you can show credible evidence feel free to. I love reading things like this as I am a very open minded person, please no criticisms on other people's posts. Let's just see what the community has to say :) hear from you guys soon!

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  2. you have to pick a conspiracy first
  3. I personally like The Burger Chef murders and Salish Sea human foot discoveries
  4. Colonel Sanders puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly.
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  5. I don't personally follow many, if any, conspiracy theories.. but one I came up with is that "they" put an additive chemical in scratch off lottery tickets that gets released when you scratch them. My sister got addicted to scratchers awhile back.. and while I know that it was her own weakness, I thought it'd be funny to come up with a ridiculous theory as to why.
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  6. An interesting conspiracy theory that I like to toss around mentally every now and then is that while the German army lost the ground war of WWII, the Nazi Party actually won the war. There are several well researched books out there by 'real' authors and publishers making a case for this. This is totally the TL;DR version as it's way more complicated:
    -Most of the leadership of the party got away scot-free, many with millions in treasure
    -Most of Nuremberg were fall guys.
    -The German corporations the Nazi leadership controlled are now pretty much all of the companies that are running the world today.
    -Many high ranking Nazi officers and party members were immediately hired by Allied companies and governments.
    -Operation Paperclip went far beyond divvying up Nazi scientists and was the operation that integrated the right Nazis into the aforementioned governments and companies.

    I'm not sure what my feelings are about all this, or that it even matters 70 years later if it's true. But it's interesting.

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  7. I think that conspiracy theories are originated by the illuminati after 9/11 from the government being anxious about starting the NWO and are in fact a conspiracy theory themselves. oh and the catholic church, moon landing, JFK and Alex Jones all are connected. everyone who does not succumb will be bullied by the phrase "sheeple" and accused of supporting the government of the Bilderbergs
  8. I'm scared to look into conspiracy theories when high I get paranoid

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  9. Me too it's like when I'm high it's more realistic and scares me

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  10. lol i think im being followed by the government that shit aint good for me
  11. The lightbulb conspiracy. Or that Monsanto drops GMO seeds from airplanes. Ha.

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  12. Ghost aliens.

    It just blows my mind.
  13. If you want a supernatural alian conspiracy fulled story search hoi bacui romanian forest (most haunted forest on earth!!!!
  14. If you want to look into conspiracy theories while you're high, but are afraid you're going to get too sketched out because you're high, I'd suggest a show called Unsealed: Conspiracy Files on Netflix. The way they present everything is so over dramatic that when I'm high, it's funny as hell. There's also Unsealed: Alien Files, and it's kind of the same way. So you get the conspiracy/alien need fed, but not in a way that makes you paranoid or whatever
  15. I don't know who they are, or what they want...but I know they are after me. Just wish I knew why?
  16. Chemtrails. I've been interested in that subject for years. They treat the skies with chemicals...and all the government tells us is that it's simply contrails from jets. Many people buy that...but after watching the skies for so long, it's easy to tell the difference. I believe it's a form of 'weather modification', but we've never had a chance to choose it to happen. I hate being lied to! :mad2:
  17. There were some people doing that with cannabis seeds here in Australia some years back. They flew planes all around random bush-land, dropping cannabis seeds wherever they flew. All in the hope of convincing the government that cannabis is ultimately impossible to control. It wasn't genetically modified though, just natural old cannabis.
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    Anyone interested in conspiracy theories should check out the Unsolved Mysteries UFO Files. It's really creepy, and I hope that it isn't true. Whether true or not though, it's fun to watch. I downloaded mine from a torrent but I can't seem to find it on IMDB.

    Here's one particularly interesting UFO story from Iran. It isn't being reported by everyday hicks either; the Iran Air Force have made UFO claims.They tried to shoot it down with fighter jets but couldn't because their weapons and communication systems malfunctioned when they got close to it.

  19. Best of all conspiracy movies is Zeitgeist. Really, really real shit, if you haven't seen it, it is not for entertainment purposes explains the world and how it really works, purpose of banks, international debt, Rothschild, 9/11, it even disapproves religion in no less than 15 minutes. If your religious *in my opinion*.. if not, it totally fucking does. It links every major religion up in the world with things people of religion all say is legit bible shit (not to disrespect I simply don't know what else to call it for not being religious and high af in turn making me lazy..) such as the many similarities in stories they all share including miracles, the story of how Jesus died, was risen and disappeared is basically just an interpretation of the sun, which at the end of winter solstice dies (changes somehow symbolising death, rises and finally returns to rights) I can't explain too much on it without sounding like an asshole religion is a topic I don't like discussing for the opposed views but this was strictly topical an on the subject of conspiracy theories so don't hate lol. I wouldn't hate on you for saying religion is true so vice versa just incase hahaha.

    Shows how we are all basically living a life we would never be living if we only knew the truth behind the true nature and purpose of a government which is not to protect and care for its people because they have morales and are like us, only future wealth, power and securing tax etc. By giving the illusion they care, the fact we are all living a lie that has been carefully developed through society and all that is legal, through the entertainment industry how they are attacking us all simultaneously with many different methods none of us are truely fully aware of because they are considered to be a part of being normal, it's really fucked up. Not sure if I'm mixing one up but the zeitgeist is on YouTube and Netflix. The illuminati and nwo is real af and I tell any one else the same thing when it gets brought up and not surprisingly It's seemingly becoming a lot more known
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  20. Excellent synopsis.
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