conspiracy theories about reducing the population

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    It's sad but true, question is how do we go about doing that? You would basically need to sterilize pretty much everyone en mass.

    It boggles my mind how people my age(25) are popping out 2 and 3 kids, it's like wtf people do you not see what's going on around you? One is enough.

    Governments that arent on the verge of bankruptcy should start offering financial incentives for families with one child, if the father agrees to a vasectomy lol.
  2. I have this theory that marijuana is eventually going to evolve into an extremely unhealthy and deadly intoxicant.

    It actually wields plant intelligence allocated to its spirit from Earth's over soul to first be a quite benign drug, gain popularity, and when 95 percent of the population recreationally uses the drug, it actually has enough intelligence to pick and choose who dies. Of course you conspiracy theorists who employ mindless mental masturbation rather than critical thought will be the first to die, and I for one, cannot wait.

    MarIJUaNA Is GooT huR HuR!
  3. Hi brody,
    Thanks for the link, don't have to read it, already know it.
    Your spot on about the muslim birth rate, not only multiple births per husband & wife at rates that far outstrip our own but husbands having multiple wives with multiple children.
    This & immigration are the two main reasons that experts say Europe will be a muslim country within 30 to 50 years.
    Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent - Telegraph
    Every American should be fully educated on this subject as what's happening in Europe is just beggining over here & in Austrailia. It's almost completed in certain parts of the world where the slaughter of non-believers & apostates ramps up once muslims get a big enough % of total population & it doesn't take a majority.
    :eek: Cheers
  4. Korey,
    Do you lay awake at night & think this shit up?
    I mean between strokes ofcourse.
  5. on a joking note. I say we issue "hill-billy birthcontrol" to all people who have more than 3 children. To create such birth control, insert cherry bomb into beer can, have man hold beer can between legs, light fuse, then wait. Repeat as necessary.

    I have been saying someone needs to dump some bleach in the gene pool for years. People are progressivly getting stupider. Maybe population control isnt the answer, and killing the dump people isnt the answer. I personally think we should just take the warning labels off everything, and let natural selection figure out population control. I mean we live in a society where theres a freakin warning label on a frozen pizza that says DO NOT EAT PIZZA FROZEN!!. Im telling you if we take off warning labels, society would drastically decrease, and to be honest I wouldnt feel to bad, knowing some of those idiots did it to themselves.
  6. Dude you're so damn ignorant and xenophobic. Why is it such a bad thing that Muslims are immigrating to Europe? You know that most of them are completely peaceful, and not extremists at all, right? Just because the ones you see on the news are wack doesn't mean their all crazy, OK? Muslims aren't any more or less violent than the general populace.
  7. I kind of agree, except not resulting in killing people.

    Cannabis opens the soul up, and it allowed itself to be misunderstood by human beings, and then sooner or late it'll snap their souls out in front of them and people will start waking up

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