Console gaming VS PC gaming

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  1. Alright, if you have any pro's or con's add em.

    Console gaming:

    Pros: Cheap, and affordable
    Plug and play, no need to upgrade any of your components
    Graphics are good

    Cons: Sticky targetting
    Can't upgrade your graphics card or other components
    Bulky/clunky controllers
    Can't customize your button layout
    Aiming isn't realistic at all, not very smooth
    Joysticks aren't the best for aiming, a mouse and keyboard combo is better

    PC Gaming:

    Pros: Best graphics you will ever get so long as you have the specs, console gaming can't get graphics near as good as PC.
    3D gaming on all games/Nvidia 3D vision
    Controlling is the most accurate, very smooth aiming
    NO sticky targetting
    Keyboard allows for finer and more accurate character movements
    Can get mouses that allow you to do multiple different things ( DPI up/down on the fly, buttons on the mouse for faster in game controlling/reacting )
    Best sound quality ( so long as you have a good sound card )
    HUGE selection of games way more then consoles
    Can download games for free !!!!!!!! ( biggest one two punch to the console)
    Can emulate console games
    Super high resolution displays
    No fees to play online

    Cons: Expensive when compared to a console ( however you can build a good computer for double the price of a ps3/xbox )
    Having to install/download yours games ( GAH! )
    Easy to spill drinks and your computer/accesories
    Need a good computer, can't have a shitty computer
  2. I didnt know any of this until now

    /sarcasm :D
  3. What is sticky targetting?

    Anyway, I'd rather play console. I can chill on my couch and play on my HDTV instead of having to hunch over my desk and play on my standard def monitor.
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    i think sticky targeting is like auto target/aim assist

  5. since its pretty much impossible to aim with accuracy using joysticks, every shooter game (besides some 3rd person games like gears of war) use a few different auto aim scripts to help you aim. theres 4 main auto aim scripts that run in most games. most of the aiming you do on consoles is done for you.

    my only beef with consoles is that you cant ever have shooters like quake or unreal tourney or rts games without a mouse and keyboard.
  6. this x2

    I dont get why people argue PC vs Console, or the even dumber one... console vs console.

    The console is damn great for chilling on your couch / bed playing casual games (eg. GTA or something like that)

    But I will never enjoy an FPS on console... its made for PC :smoke:

    Both PC and Console have their uses, and both are great :)

  7. Get yourself a proper chair and some good components, and its exactly like chilling on your couch.

    Or do what I do, use a laptop, hook it up to my HD tv, and game
  8. I'm a console gamer but I do play a few PC games.
    IMO PC gaming is better, but I enjoy console gaming more.
  9. No offense at OP for starting the thread, but:

    I just see these threads all of the time and they always come down to the same exact verdict:
    PC = better performance
    Console = Cheap and easier to play

    Then people argue about it some more for a couple of pages until it's beaten to death and everyone decides they want to play Battlefield 3 on PC. :D
  10. Any real gamer knows a PC is way better than any console.

    mmmkay? :D

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