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  1. I have never grown before. I tried once. But it never sprouted lol..
    But now I believe I have the knowledge to perform an indoor grow. I have a crawl space in my room. I goes around the entire room. It's about 4 1/2 FT tall. And goes back pretty deep. As I said before, it rings all the way around my room. I live in the attic, so it's pretty fucking huge.

    What's the risk involved in growing indoors? Power bill increase? I plan on growing just 1 plant, to start that is. I'm sick of people shorting my bags and just want to grow my own. I've heard many people say that what you grow is better than what you could ever buy..

    Indoor risks? :smoking:
  2. In my opinion you'll regret growing only one plant. Especially if it turns out to be a male. If you grow in a craw space get cfl's. Also you want to grow hydro, or in dirt? Power usage isn't the only way to get caught but if you're only growing a few plants you shouldn't worry.
  3. How many plants do you think? 2? More :confused:
  4. Well there are many variables to take into consideration when starting a grow. Like how much money you have for materials/supplies. If you want to grow hydro which I prefer I would do around 4, or 6 plants because hydro systems usually hold that many plants, unless you make your own. If you're in soil then you can do whatever (this method is also cheaper). How much bud are you looking to get out of the grow? Take into consideration how much you smoke/need for whatever your purpose for growing is.
  5. Well, I've never grown as I said. Ever.
    I've never had more than half a zip. But I smoke every weekend. Every day on the weekend. A few ounces from a plant would last me for a LONG time. I just want enough knowledge indoors to keep doing it. I think I know enough. But you never know.
  6. Then I think your best bet would be to plant 4 seeds in soil so you have a good chance of getting a female. Then if there is more than one you can choose to keep them or cut them down depending on how you feel. Just give yourself options and you'll be happy.
  7. Okay. 4 Plants sounds good.. I'll probably buy some quality seeds online and see how it goes.
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  9. How wide is the crawlspace?With a big circle around ventilation should be pretty easy
  10. The Crawlspace goes about 10 feet in.. But at it just gets shorter and shorter. I may make a box big enough for 3 plants, and put the box against the wall, then have a fan blowing in the side on the plants. And the 6 lights hanging in.
    Another question, reflectors, should I just make 3 reflectors out of tinfoil and the saltine cracker box?
  11. ur best bet is 2 pay the extra and get feminized seeds then Ur guarantee females then u know u havent wasted ur time good look:metal:
  12. Thanks a lot bro.. Any ideas where I can get feminized seeds, that's a reliable website? :wave:
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    If I got about 4-6 of these could it work? 42 Watt CFL Light Bulb - 150 W Equal - Full Spectrum Daylight 6500K - Spring Lamp - TCP 28942-65 Light Bulb

    ***NEVERMIND THAT ^^^***

    Would this work? I here 2700k is also good..
  14. Could somebody please just link me up to a few lights that could make the plant go all the way?
  15. Hey, for lights check out T5, the best Fluorescent Systems.

    High Tech Garden Supply

    ^Look at your choices. I would go with the 4 bulb 2 foot one. Get 2 of those.

    Also, check out the website for nutrients, carbon air filter - is a must. Also, for soil.
  16. Is the crawl space air conditioned??? Depending on where you live it may get really hot/cold in the crawl space.
  17. In the summer, it's fucking unbelievably hot. But in the winter for some reason it doesn't get that cold. It would definitely be warm enough for the plant to survive.

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