Considering getting a Pax vape.

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  1. I'm still fairly new to this site on the whole, haven't made a huge amount of entries, but here goes. Read a lot of good stuff about the Pax Ploom vaporizer, and been thinking about buying one for myself, however not a super cheap investment so I wanna be sure before I buy it and I have a few questions, though any help or advice is appreciated  :smoke: 

    1) To anyone who has one; do you enjoy it? Was it worth the money? Anything I should know about it?
    2) I have read that you can feel the oven with other stuff and it can be really really nice to vape with other stuff (I think I read tea/herbs that sorta thing?)

    Anyway, yeah any help or anything to say on the subject would be great,
    cheers  :D 

    Also, I think I've posted this in the right place, please let me know if I haven't and I can do another post elsewhere, thanks again.

  2. I have a Pax and hardly use it. They are picky. Need cleaned daily and dont hold enough for me.Others will not have an issue with the oven size. Depends on you. A real pain to use as an only vape IMO. BUT when I need stealth I am very glad I have it. I have other vapes better for every day use that are not suited for stealth. Vapes are like motorcycles. With motorcycles they make one for every butt and they all do one thing better than the others. You need to find what works for you. Me I needed a few. 
  3. @[member="Frank_S"] Wanna send it my way? Hahah, I kid I kid. Huh, didn't know they were picky, I've heard the opposite that they're really low maintenance, and yeah I have definitely heard that for stealth they are great. I also didn't know that motorcycles were customised for your butt, that's pretty cool! I wouldn't mind getting a bike.
    Thanks for the input, guess for me I would probably use it daily and possibly with a few friends so I wouldn't need a huge oven, and I like the idea that I could probably use it outside fairly discretely.
    Thanks man  :)
  4. I love mine but in all honesty id get a pinnacle pro if I could go back... The battery is less but you can hit it while it charges and get extra cases to change packs quickly... The water tube attachment is dope as wellSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Had mine for a year and a half. It's great, and my go to tool I use it about three times a day. The oven is perfect size for solo. Very stealth size BUT let's out a lot of odor on highest setting.
    Has to be cleaned once every other week, but I tend to take out the mouthpiece and wipe it down after a session just because. A drop of cooking oil helps too, since I don't have the "Synthetic food grade lubricant" Ploom sells.
     Some alcohol wipes and pipe cleaners are a must.
    Before that I had an Iolite V1.2. Loved it too.
    The thing most peopel don't realize is that vaping is differrent than smoking. Cigar puffs then breathe in.
    Herb is best ground down to poweder, and packed in on the PAX, loosely filled on the Iolite..
    There is a trick to everything and when you get the idea you won't be dissapointed. Plus, I found that if you save the cooked product you can later smoke it and get a little buzz off of it. The PAX itself will get you B A K E D!
  6. @[member="itwistpearls"] I got you, thanks for the advice, I'll take a look at the pinnacle pro.

    @[member="fearjar"] Thanks, the other reviews and people I've spoken to about it have said much the same; that it's now their go to device for getting high, but yeah I have heard some bad stuff about what happens if you don't clean it often enough.
    Can you explain the inhale technique you'd use, so definitely not the same as a joint or a bong? And I've heard you could use tea leaves as well and it adds a flavour to the vapour, though I'm guessing the flavour of your kush comes through a fair bit?

    Cheers guys, think I might just bite the bullet and order one.
  7. Get the pax,u wont regret it.
  8. @[member="William72234"] Ahah, to the point, I like it; I think I will.
  9. What if he regrets it though?
  10. He won't regret it.
     My technique is to just take two to three small puffs then inhale. Or a really short puff and inhale.  If you take a long fast pull it cools the chamber.
    Cleaning is easy peasy, lemo squeezy (The Sandlot throwback quote). It isn't a bowl or a bong. I'm a heavy smoker. I make sure my consumable is DRY DRY DRY and ground fine. Really sticky bud sizzles and dirties it up more, and that is the stuff best mixed with some tea or laurels to absorb excess moisture. There are a ton of techniques and tips on youtube. I get about three sessions out of a battery charge. The worst thing about it is it cools off if you leave it sit too long while trying to get a session in and playing Black Ops2....Campers ruin everything LOL.
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    Since a lot of people have, how can you possibly make that statement and actually believe that it's true?
    I don't believe that there is ANY vape on the market that someone hasn't regretted purchasing.   Just because YOU like a particular vape is absolutely no guarantee that someone else will as well.
    All vapes have their downsides, but the biggest downside of the PAX is that it is 100% conduction based without the ability to provide instant on/off heat.    It is constantly cooking your herb as it's heating up, in between hits, and as it's cooling down.     Why is this bad?  Because it not only increases the smell, but it decreases the efficiency as well as increases the need to keep it clean.
  12. @[member="fearjar"] I'll have to take a look at some more reviews on Youtube and check out some of those techniques, and @[member="lwien"] well I'm still pretty unsure anyway, and yeah I guess any and all vaporisers have both upsides and downsides. I'm having issues with figuring out how I can get it to me in the UK, they don't ship here, but I might just go through my uncle, or just pick one up the next time I'm in the states which could be in March or something.

    Also on an entirely unrelated subject have either of you guys tried Blue Dream? I've heard it is fucking amazing and I really want some ahahhh  :hello:
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    Yup.    It's a nice strain.   Not my favorite, but very nice and mellow.
  14. Thanks dude, appreciate your input. Yeah I'll have to get some at some point, I tend to like more mellow stuff lately, friend of mine recently got ahold of some Moroccan hash (can't remember the name) but it was lovely. Also, just for my own curiosity about vaporizer's: from what I understand there are different ways a vape can work? How does a conduction based vape function?
    Forgive my ignorance on this stuff, still fairly new to this whole vaporizing thing. 
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  16. How can I make that statement? Because pal, I'm an experienced toker. Not an opinionated noob. It has its good rep for a good reason. People who are just getting into it, have trouble. A lot of people are afraid to ask, and that is why they have trouble too. I own one. Do you? But hit me back and let me know about your year and a half of heavy use with it. And let me know how many vapes you have bought and built. Tact and poise pal. Try it. Now I remember why I stayed away from grasscity for so long.....

    You've done your research Shlomo. Their warranty is second to none. And that is part of the price. You get what you pay for, and the PAX delivers. Technique is everything. But if you have the money to spend, you won't get buyers remorse like the people who buy one and blew their months were budget on it.

    If you need to have a lot of time in between tokes like Budro up there... Just buy a Proto pipe vape. Can't go wrong there and they're cheap.... they sell it them in the grass city store. And I love mine.... But my PAX is my go to....just like most people who actually own SEVERAL tools to choose from.
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    I have owned a pax for a year. I use for medical reasons and I have access to all the herb I can use. And I do use it. The pax is not that great. I own three vapes and vape most of the time with my other vapes.
  18. Well, I'm going to have to disagree. It is the best so far for size, weight, portability, stealth, ease of use, and most importantly.. Reliability. Plus I like blinky things.

    For the ultimate in stealth, I use my iolite in a big Hardee's cup with a straw....
    Yeah, on the boardwalk with a thousand people around. But that is just for fun. I only break out the volcano for company. And you should see some of the shit I've built. Hot air induction, instant on/off with a one second heat up time, and digital thermostats... And I still use my PAX the most.
  19. BTW... medical user too. For cluster migraines. And I need stealth for instant use. The odor is the worst thing about it on high setting. But if it costs less than 200.... I buy it to try. So I have quite the collection. One day I'll open a museum lol. I have 8 commercial vapes, have sold about ten others and threw a few out. I have a ton of built stuff in various sizes and heating sources, convection, conduction, direct, indirect.. Including a solar powered oven inspired model. Took a while to get the bugs out of that one...

    For simplicity you can't beat the PAX. And you can't beat the warranty. I'm working on a silicone sleeve like what Wii used on their controllers.
    And pipes? You ever seen 2001, The Year We Make Contact? That guy says "My God, it's full of stars". That drawer is like that, but with pipes:)

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