considering dropping acid... maybe some advice?

Discussion in 'General' started by Retroshark, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. so ive made a good friend here this semester, and hes a real acid nut. hes been talking up the cid for a few weeks now, and its got me pretty interested. he is currently able to get some sugar cubes, and apparantly the liquid is supposed to be really good. now i dont know whether i should take a whole or half of one of these cubes my first time, as ive only tripped about 4-5 times off of mushrooms, and twice from salvia. id consider myself experienced, and mentally stable enough to take acid, i just want some ideas from you guys on what kinda things i should consider for my first trip. im still not 100% sure i even want to try acid, but it just sounds so fun, i really would like to try it at least once, although if i liked it im sure id do it again. ive really been craving some mushrooms, and i love to trip, i jsut dont know if my love for mushrooms will mean that id enjoy lsd less, or is it just totally totally different?
  2. I'd say ask him how many hits are on one cube, if its 1 i say take the whole thing if its 2 -4 i'd say take half.......but then again i dropped 4 hits my first time
  3. The ones around Canada that my bud has, are little cubes with either batmans or red strippers. Depends your tolerance, but take a hit and go from there. The first time i tripped balls it was descent but, xtc gives me more of a upper and I can't please the ladies all night peace and enjoy.
  4. lsd and mushrooms are very comparable, i'm sure if you've enjoyed your mushrooms trips, you'll be fine on lsd

    there's no way to know how much a dose is unless you've taken it, so ask your friend what he reccomends
  5. im still not 100% sure i even want to try acid


    i jsut dont know if my love for mushrooms will mean that id enjoy lsd less

    If you love shrooms, chances are you'll at least like acid, maybe not fall in love with it per say (though that completely depends on you), but you'll like it.

    is it just totally totally different?

    Pretty much, though the default rules for tripping still apply. On shrooms it's like "I'm trippin!" on acid it's like "Everything else is trippin! I'm normal!" Whole different ball game.
  6. You'll fall in love with acid and cheat on shrooms..
  7. If you like shrooms, then you will probably enjoy acid. The shrooms that I use now are pretty potent and are VERY similar to acid - only difference is shrooms last about 6 hours and acid usually lasts about 12. As long as you are in a good state of mind and prepared for the trip you should be okay. I dunno why some people say that acid and shrooms are so different .... they are VERY similar to me. Perhaps my shrooms are just amazing though :cool:

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