considering current events in my life recently . . .

Discussion in 'General' started by Bleezie_King, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. . . . i might not be in my city (or my house) for that much longer. if i don't find a job by the end of the week then i'm out the house for good aperently. and if that happens, i'm going to travel with some friends of mine around the country a little and find a place to call home.

    none of this is final yet, and i will keep you all posted.

    i have to leave the house for the day so i will see you all on the less sunny side.

    and to think i was just getting to know you people a lot better . . .
  2. You could easily get a job by the end of the week if you really wanted to, you just can't be picky. But screw that, I say travel and find a place with your friends.

    Good luck man
  3. You could find a job. Hustle your ass off. Apply everywhere, no exceptions.
  4. Good luck man.
  5. oh i've been trying to get a job for ages but no one wants me. and then i get all this botching about how i don't want to work and i'm just fucking around from my parents. i'm sick of it.

    i think i need to do this. to grow up. to get direction.
  6. Traveling is awesome man, go to some cheap area by the beach and enjoy life man. Jobs are great and all but you have to live ur life out so you don't regret it later. Anyway, try or I don't know you, nor do i know where you live and what your area is like but honestly you should be able to get one. Just try your best and show off ur skills man.

    Or make up a fake job or something sweet like that.

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