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Considering Craigslist

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slim340, May 31, 2013.

  1. So let me start off by saying I have exhausted all other routes to find a connect. I've looked under every rock to no avail.
    So I posted on craigslist earlier today asking for a 420 connect. At about 6pm I get an email from a person responding to my posting. We have been emailing back and forth since then. I'm going to post the email conversations so far to see if you blades think this guy is legit or a pig...anywho onto the emails!
    CP (craigslist person) - Good 420 available depending on what u want
    Me - 1. Preferably some good headies or dank 2. What are your prices 3. Are you a cop or an informer?
    Sorry for asking, I just have to be sure, thanks for contacting me!
    CP - no cop, am just a laid back dude offering help. All i smoke is Dank. prices vary from time to time usually 50-60 4 1\\8 100 1\\4etc
    Me - hmmm alright good stuff dude, im waiting for my money to come in then i'll deff be hitting you up, do you live close to USF?
    CP - I do, most likely have to go get unless I have here. Usally though it is never far away. I am picking up toorrow so will have a little extra
    Me - Alright man, I should be getting my money within a few days, I live off of 42nd street, if possible could you send me a picture of the bud you pick up? If not its cool
    CP - I dont care, If u want. I am 33 yo and like said I only smoke GOOD but if u need pic. ill send
    Me - Preciate it man, are you anywhere by 42nd street/Fletcher cause my only transportation is a bike at the moment
    CP - im on fletcher about mile or so from u and I have car if needed? I got a blunt rolled if you trying blaze
    Me - Truly appreciate the offer, haven't took a blunt to the dome in a good minute, but I have to be up early in the morning and ik if I blaze now I will not be getting up at 5am lol. Good shit dude, you seem trustworthy, so ill be getting in touch with you when I get my guap. (This is not in the email, the stuff in parenthesis lol . I really didn't have to get up 5 am, I didn't wanna smoke with some random dude at 10pm and was slightly weary at this point to whether he's legit or not)
    CP - No doubt. I have been in your shoes before. So anything to help a good dude out and repay the favor done for me
    ********** you can just call or tect tomorrow
    (he actually gave me his number with a tampa area code, I was surprised he gave it to me, so maybe he's legit)
    Me - good stuff man, your a lifesaver, sucks being sober lol, my number starts with 850, so be looking for it the next few days, enjoy that blunt
    CP - lol yeah I hear yeah and Ill be on look out 

    So what do you guys think? I find it strange he would offer a blunt to me seeing as we've never met, but at the same time he gave me his phone number. Would cops know the price of what an eighth/quarter would be? I wonder if there's a way I could look him up through his number. Anywho, what do you guys think? Legit or a no-go? (sorry for the long post) and thanks for the help! 

  2. Idk, it seems really sketchy. You trust him cuz he talks like a laid back stoner right? Any decent cop can type just the same stuff that guy did. Idk
    Man, id say friend him on facebook or somethin first. Make sure he is who he appears to be before any drug purchases
  3. LOL, I personally would never do that. But if you do, be smart. Maybe meet for a beer at a bar first, feel each other out and go from there, dont just meet him at some random place, with money in your pocket ready to buy something from someone you have never met before in real life
  4. Are these type of discussions allowed on GC?
  5. It's incredibly hard to say. There are websites reporting prices, here is one, aptly named: 

    I think that it's a crap shoot man. It's interesting he would offer to meet up with you, since with any kind of police entrapment you obviously wouldn't on you meeting him to smoke a blunt, since you're looking for weed. But since you're asking for opinions, that could have just been a measure to gain your trust. 
    I really don't know what to tell you friend, just my .02. I understand your situation though, but keep in mind that currently this is a dangerous game. Are you new to the Tampa area, and that's why you're looking, or have you just lost former contacts?
  6. You should have taken up the offer on the blunt. Tell him to light it up, and if he insists that the blunt is for you, and won't smoke it, then you got a cop.
    Yeah I go to college up in Pensacola and am just down in the area for like a month, unfortunately all my HS buddies that live in Tampa are non-smokers. Im stuck between a rock and a hard place with this one
  8. I see man, well good luck with it all. I think it's probably better to be safe than sorry.
    Like if I had one of my people with me I deff would have but idk, him offering me a blunt does sound a lil sketchy, like someone said, seeing as he doesn't know I am not a cop. I mean im around a college campus, there has to be dope boys around somewhere lol
  10. I was gunna ask him a question that only a stoner would know. I couldn't think of anything to special because of the fact you could just use google to look it up. Anyone have a question detailed enough to see if this dude is a cop or not, to test his marijuana IQ lol?
  11. Well to make sure he's not a narc. When you meet up with him say, "ill pay for the blunt but you have to smoke it with me" show him the money and if he smokes it then you're good. But make sure he smokes it first then pay. A narc cannot make an arrest until the transaction has been made. So if you pay first and its a narc you're f'ed. Also narcs will never smoke.
  12. Doesn't seem sketch to me. Seems like a dude trying to hook another dude up. I mean, he offered to smoke you up, on the spot.... Honestly, it seems about as legit as it could ya know?  Do what everyone else is saying, smoke with him first. Tell him straight up, sorry not trying to be sketch, but im not looking to go to jail, smoke me up and then i'll buy.
    He asked you if you wanted the blunt for the same reason. He wants you to smoke it in front of him, so he knows you're not a cop.
  14. Yeah I may have to go with the smoke first/buy later option
    Damnit, your a smart man, didn't cross my mind haha, damn would it be too much to ask for his name so we could trade FB's?
    t's worth a try. It'll probably make him more comfortable as well knowing your fb.
  16. Solution, roll 2 blunts, each of you spark it at the same time. That way you know he's not a cop, and he knows you're not a cop.
  17. For me the fact that he offered to smoke with you first makes it less sketch. You should have takin him up on that offer it was probably an attempt by him to make things less sketch for both of you. IMO it can be sketchy finding dealers online but if you take the right precautions you won't get burned. I really doubt cops are looking for people trying to buy weed pnline
  18. ^^ Tru dat, making it less sketch for both of us, Im going to hit him up tomorrow for his name to try and get his FB. And how much should I pick up? Im always weary buying from someone new just because he may say its GOOD, but you never now with people who you never met. I may pick up a G just to see/test his product and if I like it, i'll get an eighth. But i'll doubt he'll deliver only a gram to some random ass nigga he's never met. On a personal note, im stoked for the fact he said a quarter was 100 flat, cheapest I ever got back up at school was 110. I'll keep y'all updated!
  19. All of you that say narcs wont smoke are crazy! The ones that get people busted at festivals will do the drug then and there but also will "want some for later".  I've seen a narc blaze down an unmentionables dealer and gained enough trust to be able to buy from the guy and then the cops swooped in on the guy not 5 minutes after.
  20. Yeah, narcs will definetly smoke. My relative is a narcotic officer in a college town in TX, he apparently works for the DEA down there, and told me that when he does undercover work, he has to act just like someone who lives that lifestyle. When they were trying to take down a decent sized crack operation, I guess him and a few other dudes had to do some coke, I'm sure he's had to do shit like that numerous times.

    On another note to OP, I Think it seems about as legit as Craigslist can get. Makes sense that he'd offer to smoke you up to see if you were a cop, good luck!

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