Considering choking out this cat

Discussion in 'General' started by SoulRebel23, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. My roommate is out of town. So I have to take care of this little bitch.
    I got home from work an hour ago, but this shitface wont let me sleep.
    If I let her in my room, shes making a shit ton of noise walking on papers, fighting its shadow, and other cat bullshit
    But when I kick this bitch out my room shes meowing her face off and clawing under the door.
  2. Haha luckily my cat doesn't do that anymore, but when he did I just left my door open so he's free to go in and out. Best thing to do is be nice to the cat and pet him and get him on the bed and he'll eventually just sleep
  3. Can you lock it in your roommates room until you wake up? Maybe put a towel under both doors to help muffle the sound too. It'll get tired of crying and crash.
  4. it just wants attention pet it then play with it rough until it gets pissed off at you

  5. I was trying to pet her, but she would just jump off the bed and start making noise.

    I tried that the night before and she fucked up the carpet. Straight up tore it up right where the door is.

    This is what I hate though. Cat sleeps all fuckin day, but now it wants to play.
  6. :laughing:

    other cat bullshit. hilarious
  7. ^^LMAO I thought the same damn thang. Give the lil fucker half a benedril in a piece of cheese. That should learn'em. :)
  8. Lock her in the bathroom with a towel to muffle then she can't tear up the carpet.
  9. hmmm, not a bad idea
  10. Show her who's boss bro!
  11. Put it in a box.
  12. put it in the freezer for a while
  13. Are you hungry?
  14. catnip, little bugger just wants to get high.
  15. just buy some over the counter valerian root extract. the cat will go bunkers for it...3 drops and it will be a drunken kitten...and in an hour, a sleepy drunken kitten.

    just remember to give it a proper dropper...don't give it more than a few drops is what I'm saying.
  16. You know, now that Ive slept (and gotten high) this cat is alright. lol
    As long as it sleeps with my roommate. Its pretty chill most of the other time.
    She goes for my bongs and papers (when not in use) and just sleeps the rest of the time. pothead cat :smoking:

    I just wish he got a dog.
  17. throw it on the roof
  18. This perfectly describes cats
    [ame=]I'm a Stupid Cat! - YouTube[/ame]
  19. dont choke a cat you sick fuck, its an animal, love it and take care of it and give it the attention it deserves or give it to someone who will.

  20. LOL shut up. Im not actually going to choke it.
    The "/rant" means I was just angry at the time. And that was a way of getting out my frustration.

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