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    The job I have right now doesn't pay enough where I would be able to move out of my folks house, gas/phone/insurance/internet takes up a fair amount of my money. I found an ad on craigslist for an overnight security position Monday-Thursday. Now I've been working weekends ever since I've been working, so would the pay increase + getting weekends off be worth fucking with my schedule?

    Anyone who has/is working a third shift job please provide some pros / cons about it.

    *job is 10pm to 6 am monday-thursday
  2. I'm not exactly sure what a third shift job is but I work 2:30 AM - 10:AM every weekday

    Yes it fucks with you, like right now I've been awake since yesterday at 7pm.

    I don't have a set sleep schedule, it varies from day to day so it's weird, I don't get out in the sun much but it doesn't bother me.

    Weekends are fine though, I just take a long nap and party all night long.
  3. huh??
  4. i used to work at korger, i was in night shift, from 10 to 630
    pro- the boss might be a bad ass!!
    nobody to bother u, no traffic at all
    sleep though the day, where u dont have to fight people

    con- sometimes u have no life to work at nights (if ure into party, clubs, concerts, and so forth)
    its hard to change your body, so it takes a month to a year or more to get used to it

    i got used to it since first day, till after one year, i was drain, cant sleep at all, then i relized my body is changin....
  5. See Billy, there's a time in your life where certain parts of your body start to change...
  6. Apply for the job. Getting the position is hardest part. I can't even tell you how many craigslist jobs I applied to and didn't get any sort of response back from. If they have a phone number call them, that works out the best.
  7. yeah, if there is a number, call them

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