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    Hey everyone. I'm considering a RooR.

    I'm going to get it at a popular, competing website "everyone..." and the one I want is a RooR 3.2 Red Series Bong.

    I noticed there is no ice catcher thing, is putting ice difficult/not recommended on this bong? Is there anywhere else to get it cheaper? Or is the $157.43 the average entry fee? :] Can someone explain to me the parts of a RooR bong? I hear all these words like "Percolator" and other foreign words that don't make any sense to me. Can anyone make sense of them so I have a better understanding of the upgrades/add-ons? Thanks
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    To be honest I'm no expert on RooRs, but unless its used I dont think your getting a real nice RooR for $150. Unless its like a 6".

    And RooRs used to not have percolators (may have changed, I think they stopped using the LUX logo?)

    And most nice RooRs have ice catchers, but if there arent ice catchers then definitely dont put ice in it. You could mess up the downstem.

    Since its a competing website maybe dont post the link, but def post a pic of what youre looking at.

    Edit: Found your website and I think I see the one your talking about, to be honest, I'd spend the extra money and get ice catchers and stuff, you'll be happier with it later. Not to mention they dont have diffused stems and thats another nice thing to have.
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    The roor you want is real so dont worry about what the guy above me says. The model your getting doesnt have a perc in it as its just a straight tube. For that price, if you want a roor than go for it. If you want "ice notches" than just pick a roor tube from them that has ice notches.

    Edit: german roors like the ones from edit dont have percs. US roors do but im pretty sure they stopped production of them and continued the percs on lux models.

  4. umm you most deffenitly can get a RooR for 150... look at there selling fakes

  5. If you look at my first post and edit it says that I found what he was looking at, but I will re-edit it to stop further negligence on readers behalves.
  6. I ordered mine from them not too long ago. Sadly, they didn't have mine and in stock until a few days ago when they sent it.... Ordered on the 19th of December and shipped on the 5th of February.... But I highly suggest getting one. My friend has his and its the nicest piece of glass I've ever used.

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