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    I go to school in the middle of nowhere in the United States. I was considering doing an outdoor grow over the summer. What I would do is plant the plants in the next couple of weeks before I go on summer break, and then when summer is over, I should come back right as the plant begins to flower.

    Is there anything wrong with this idea? I would plant the seed outdoors in the middle of the woods where no one else will find it but those who know about it (me and 2 other friends) and I would plant the seeds in different locations if I planted more than one plant (just in case the plants aren't all female, no plant sex would go on).

    Ideas? Advice? Thanks in advance, guys!

    Also, what strains are good ones to be left on their own outdoors over the summer? The climate of the grow area is good. Pretty humid, usually in the 70s and 80s and rains consistently.
  2. One thing i can STRONGLY suggest is don't involve your friends. They'll fuck you over no matter how close you are now. As to planting, read up on germination. I would suggest doing it NOW or ASAP. Because the longer you wait, the lower yield you'll receive unless you're still getting long, hot days near the beginning of fall.
  3. No one has any tips?
  4. I agree with Kushy I've told no one where my sites are at. Unless you can't plan to get to them in July, planting more than one plant in any area is okay and will make it easier for you to find your plants. If you have a handheld GPS and plenty of time, planting one plant in one area is great.

    Any strain that is rated for the outdoors would be best. I don't have any outdoor strain, and It's been a workout for me. Many of the plants from indoor seeds that are placed outdoor are having issues early on. These seeds may have not seen the outdoor environment for generations and therefore are difficult to grow well outdoors.
  5. I dont know if you still give a shit or not, but if you do, a very good strain that I would suggest is the Northern Lights X Skunk #1 by Greenhouse. Its a very good yeilding strain that I am currently having amazing results from. 120grams/plant
  6. how would somone go about getting those seeds?
  7. Hey man if your looking for seeds google attitude seed bank they are legit and shipping takes only 1 week unlike some other seed banks and it has seeds from every seed bank. As far as your outdoor grow I really think your too late by the time you get your seeds and start germination it will be almost August and took late to even start growing Best bet is to reseasrch and start next may or so depending on where you live GL wiht everything
  8. I tried this a few times before I got serious, and unfortunately never had any luck. But it's always worth a try! I would look for a good moist spot possibly with a stream nearby and plant LOTS of seeds. I'd say bag seed would probably be best in your case. It's a numbers game.
  9. I believe your right at the end of season for planting so you need to do it quick. (Late october is natural harvest right?) I would suggest taking up hiking before hand to find a place you know nobody will go, and it looks less suspisous you hiking all of a sudden to tend to the plants.

    GL Man.

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